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Not running the Brighton Half   1 comment

I went to track again as Mark was doing his first warm up. Why are warm ups always so tiring? Though having said that the session was too. 1600 down to 400 decreasing by 200 each time with one minute recovery. Rick, the master of pace, said we were roughly 4.10k pace throughout so hardly speedy but ok as a steady run (with breaks). 

On Tuesday Tom had set a session designed for those doing Brighton Half of which I was not one but it was good for me as I don’t often (ever) do a long tempo run. I wanted to run approx 7.15mm and due to Ian’s spot on pacing my average for the 8 miles was indeed 7.15 (even though he left me with two miles to go). 

I was totally dead and broken on Wednesday morning which was a shame as I went to track to do 400 parlaufs with Rob. At least it meant he got a long recovery between his (speedy) reps. I’m always crap when I go to Withdean in the morning. It could be to do with the mile or so of solid uphill cycling without having had the whole day to adequately fuel. Or doing too much in general. Or being an utter goit. Whatever. I was bilge. By evening, having eaten everything in sight, I felt ready to go and do a, hopefully steady, run with the Arena people. Luckily Dorian was just getting over a bout of death and Tristan had legs of concrete so they said they’d be going slowly. This turned out to be around 7.30 pace which was fine and we were chatting all the way round. The route Steve had chosen was my favourite insofar as it means I can peel off st the lagoon and go home cutting the run to 7 instead of 9 miles which was welcomed after yesterday’s run and the unsuccessful morning. 

Thursday was time to try and be proper again. The session was 4 x 1 mile on the prom with no Tom. I arrived to find just Gail. Sean arrived a bit later but that was it. As Sean was doing the Brighton half he was only doing three reps and taking it easy so he ran with Gail for two and one with me for the last 300 or so after having caught me up from a slow start. Basically I ran all 4 on my own so I was very surprised and pleased with 6.30, 6.32, 6.28 and 6.31 off 2.5 minute recoveries. However credit to Gail for being there as I would probably not have done any of them if I had turned up and was the only person. Amazed by consistency. It wasn’t windy so that probably helped. Well not the consistency but the ability to actually get them done successfully. 

On Saturday I went to Hove Prom for parkrun as I couldn’t face the cycle over to Preston Park just to jog a parkrun. Paula was there and asked if I could help her go sub 20.30. I wasn’t confident I could but said I would try but she might have to abandon me as too slow. This meant I would have to try having thought this would just be a nice easy run.  

Trying to be helpful. Failing.


I was ok on the wind behind sections but struggled to keep up into the wind. Paula forged ahead though and finished in 20.35 with me trailing behind in 20.45. I was quite pleased with this run even though I was no use to Paula. Special mention to Sarah for her massive pb and inching ever closer to the hallowed sub 20 list. 

That was it!

Sunday was spectating the Brighton Half and being so so pleased I wasn’t running it. Good running conditions but absolutely no desire to run one ever again. It’s interesting to watch. So many rubbish/interesting/ridiculous running styles. My favourite are the really fast people who run in such awful ways you wonder how good they’d be if they had any sort of form. My legs seem to have good running form but looks like my top half is twisting far too much. Also it is lagging behind my legs. Must try and lean forward more. 

27 miles for the week. 

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Running (unsurprisingly)   1 comment

On Monday I had a special reason to go to track. Marc Bonaldi was doing his first warm up! Actually this wasn’t really why I went but it meant he’d definitely be there to collect his prize for “Best Arena websiter ever” that Rob had created for him.

Now THAT’S a cup!

Marc was very pleased with his mug and packed it away carefully so he could get on with taking the warm up. It was a marvellous warm up incorporating lots of new stuff as well as the trusty old favourites. I did almost punch Mark Brocklehurst in the face though in the “jump, high five and shout Arena” section. Anyway job done I got on with my recovery jog which was all I was ever going to do post-Worthing. Rob joined me after a lap of the real session and then Tristan and James to complete the killed-by-Worthing jogging posse. Altogether I racked up 6 comfortable miles.

On Tuesday it was time to see how much damage Worthing had really done. Not much. Other than the upper thigh business on both legs (stiff and achy) everything else was behaving. The session was a continuous run of between 6 and 10 miles. I had already decided to be sensible and not exceed 8 miles. Cathy was doing the full 10 again so I told her I’d go with her for 7.5 (where I would peel off for home). This was good as it meant I went at a sensible speed rather than killing myself off with too fast first miles). I was surprised to find I felt strong and steady and discovered I’d done 7.5 miles in 7.11 pace. 

I didn’t wish to jinx my apparent OKness so rested on Wednesday.

On Thursday morning I ran to the Peace Statue and back at an easy pace ready for the evening’s session of 3 x 2 miles. Thankfully Tom had measured a stone free prom 2 mile loop so it was the first time I was looking forward to this session for a while as it’s been the hilly Hove Park killer loop for so long. I tried to stick with Tom as usual for these sort of sessions. As it was flat I was more or less successful. The ones where I dropped behind were because he was faster. 13.28, 13.24, 13.26 off 3 minutes rest. Almost a minute faster than the equivalent hilly death route at Hove Park. I was pleased with this session even after seeing Emily twice running many times faster even though she was doing 14 miles. I also saw Mark on yet another long run. It didn’t make me wish to ever do anything long again though. 

Another rest day on Friday.

The weather lied again on Saturday. Those WERE NOT 10mph winds.  

Testing new cat ears


Oh well. I was happy enough with 21.34 as I just wanted to keep the effort up. 

Today (Sunday) I finished the week with just over 8 miles, trying to avoid the wind. Average page 8.14mm. 

A just about acceptable 35 miles for the week with two good sessions.

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Half arsed   Leave a comment

I decided to have a rest after the challenge of Chichester (sarcasm). I didn’t go to track though as I couldn’t face the wind AGAIN. 
On Tuesday I was going to do some sort of five. It turned out to be a run to the Peace Statue and back to check how stony it was for a possible Tom prom session. Very. Very very was the answer. The prom was stonier than the beach in parts. Tom’s evening session had already been planned for Hove Park due to (surprise) forecast winds. It was the hellish 3 x 2 mile reps. As there was no Tom Ian and I feared for our pacing but he had nothing to fear,meeting faster over the course of the reps. I petered out after a too fast 13.55 to start. 14.05, 14.20 (2.5 min recovery). Not great but still a hill session for Madame Flat. 
Usual LSR on Wednesday morning. Cold but not too windy for once. 

Two days of rest followed in a vain attempt to stave of death in Sunday’s Worthing half. 

Because the prom was a stony stone fest (see above) I had already decided to go to Preston Park for parkrun. It was freezing and wet and generally horrible. For the first time ever I had to stop! My right sock had fallen under my foot and was really lumpy and pushing into my arch. This made absolutely no difference to my jogging but it meant I had one EVEN colder foot. 


So many chins (all mine)

This easy parkrun and relatively restful week was to try and make today’s Worthing half slightly more bearable. It wasn’t. No long runs took their toll as I knew they would and somehow I’ve chafed the heck out of the top of my bum. That’s a new one. 

Not even 4 miles. Thank you Danny for the photo

I wanted to run a solid 7.30 pace which I definitely did not, going off too fast as usual, but my average was 7.29 so let’s pretend I totally stuck to my plan. Wow I’m so great!

Due to this half I managed to scrape a decent 37 miles for the week. 

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Wind   2 comments

After my pleasing run on Sunday I decided to be sensible and not go to track on Monday. This wasn’t that tricky actually as the forecast was for 58mph gusts of wind and rain. Gusts of rain. What a pain. Anyway I didn’t go.
I also didn’t do anything on Tuesday morning as it was still windy and I’m heartily sick of it. I knew I’d be going to Tom’s evening session in Hove Park so that was something. It was 4 x 1 mile and Tom had decided to be nice to us and had devised a flat 1 mile circuit after we were expecting the usual hilly horror route. After the first rep to get my bearings was completed in 6.20 I managed 6.14, 6.16 and 6.16. This was pleasing especially as it was very dark and full of dogs and runners and bikes and things that may or may not have been any of the above. I felt strong and comfortable and was pleased with the consistency of the reps. It was quite a long recovery of 2.5 minutes but I’m still very happy with this. 

Unsurprisingly it was very windy on Wednesday but at least it was sunny. So the usual LSR  wasn’t too bad apart from the Rob-less 3 mile home stretch into the very strong and cold headwind. 10 miles in the (very empty this week) bag. 

I was trying a bit of tapering for Chichester 10k so rested on Thursday and Friday. 

On Saturday there were pacers on the prom so I pretended I might have a chance sticking with the 20 minute pacer even though it was windy as fuq on the seafront. It was even worse than I thought. As the wind was coming directly off the sea it was equally strong in both directions. I stayed with the pacer for about 2k but new it was futile as it was killing me just to run at a pace that should have felt easy enough at that stage so I bowed out as there was no point knackering myself unnecessarily as I had Chichester on Sunday.

Sunday arrived. I did not. Chichester unfolded. I got to the end. 

A paltry 23 miles but an excellent Tuesday session rescued what would otherwise have been a rubbish week. 

If it doesn’t stop being windy soon I will have to kill though. 

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