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After my pleasing run on Sunday I decided to be sensible and not go to track on Monday. This wasn’t that tricky actually as the forecast was for 58mph gusts of wind and rain. Gusts of rain. What a pain. Anyway I didn’t go.
I also didn’t do anything on Tuesday morning as it was still windy and I’m heartily sick of it. I knew I’d be going to Tom’s evening session in Hove Park so that was something. It was 4 x 1 mile and Tom had decided to be nice to us and had devised a flat 1 mile circuit after we were expecting the usual hilly horror route. After the first rep to get my bearings was completed in 6.20 I managed 6.14, 6.16 and 6.16. This was pleasing especially as it was very dark and full of dogs and runners and bikes and things that may or may not have been any of the above. I felt strong and comfortable and was pleased with the consistency of the reps. It was quite a long recovery of 2.5 minutes but I’m still very happy with this. 

Unsurprisingly it was very windy on Wednesday but at least it was sunny. So the usual LSR  wasn’t too bad apart from the Rob-less 3 mile home stretch into the very strong and cold headwind. 10 miles in the (very empty this week) bag. 

I was trying a bit of tapering for Chichester 10k so rested on Thursday and Friday. 

On Saturday there were pacers on the prom so I pretended I might have a chance sticking with the 20 minute pacer even though it was windy as fuq on the seafront. It was even worse than I thought. As the wind was coming directly off the sea it was equally strong in both directions. I stayed with the pacer for about 2k but new it was futile as it was killing me just to run at a pace that should have felt easy enough at that stage so I bowed out as there was no point knackering myself unnecessarily as I had Chichester on Sunday.

Sunday arrived. I did not. Chichester unfolded. I got to the end. 

A paltry 23 miles but an excellent Tuesday session rescued what would otherwise have been a rubbish week. 

If it doesn’t stop being windy soon I will have to kill though. 


Posted 07/02/2016 by Isobel Muir in Running

2 responses to “Wind

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  1. oh dear, doesn’t look too promising on the weather front
    but, may i just say
    your blog really is excellent Isobel
    and is quite the highlight of my Sunday evening’s
    so, thank you!


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