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I decided to have a rest after the challenge of Chichester (sarcasm). I didn’t go to track though as I couldn’t face the wind AGAIN. 
On Tuesday I was going to do some sort of five. It turned out to be a run to the Peace Statue and back to check how stony it was for a possible Tom prom session. Very. Very very was the answer. The prom was stonier than the beach in parts. Tom’s evening session had already been planned for Hove Park due to (surprise) forecast winds. It was the hellish 3 x 2 mile reps. As there was no Tom Ian and I feared for our pacing but he had nothing to fear,meeting faster over the course of the reps. I petered out after a too fast 13.55 to start. 14.05, 14.20 (2.5 min recovery). Not great but still a hill session for Madame Flat. 
Usual LSR on Wednesday morning. Cold but not too windy for once. 

Two days of rest followed in a vain attempt to stave of death in Sunday’s Worthing half. 

Because the prom was a stony stone fest (see above) I had already decided to go to Preston Park for parkrun. It was freezing and wet and generally horrible. For the first time ever I had to stop! My right sock had fallen under my foot and was really lumpy and pushing into my arch. This made absolutely no difference to my jogging but it meant I had one EVEN colder foot. 


So many chins (all mine)

This easy parkrun and relatively restful week was to try and make today’s Worthing half slightly more bearable. It wasn’t. No long runs took their toll as I knew they would and somehow I’ve chafed the heck out of the top of my bum. That’s a new one. 

Not even 4 miles. Thank you Danny for the photo

I wanted to run a solid 7.30 pace which I definitely did not, going off too fast as usual, but my average was 7.29 so let’s pretend I totally stuck to my plan. Wow I’m so great!

Due to this half I managed to scrape a decent 37 miles for the week. 


Posted 14/02/2016 by Isobel Muir in Running

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