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On Monday I had a special reason to go to track. Marc Bonaldi was doing his first warm up! Actually this wasn’t really why I went but it meant he’d definitely be there to collect his prize for “Best Arena websiter ever” that Rob had created for him.

Now THAT’S a cup!

Marc was very pleased with his mug and packed it away carefully so he could get on with taking the warm up. It was a marvellous warm up incorporating lots of new stuff as well as the trusty old favourites. I did almost punch Mark Brocklehurst in the face though in the “jump, high five and shout Arena” section. Anyway job done I got on with my recovery jog which was all I was ever going to do post-Worthing. Rob joined me after a lap of the real session and then Tristan and James to complete the killed-by-Worthing jogging posse. Altogether I racked up 6 comfortable miles.

On Tuesday it was time to see how much damage Worthing had really done. Not much. Other than the upper thigh business on both legs (stiff and achy) everything else was behaving. The session was a continuous run of between 6 and 10 miles. I had already decided to be sensible and not exceed 8 miles. Cathy was doing the full 10 again so I told her I’d go with her for 7.5 (where I would peel off for home). This was good as it meant I went at a sensible speed rather than killing myself off with too fast first miles). I was surprised to find I felt strong and steady and discovered I’d done 7.5 miles in 7.11 pace. 

I didn’t wish to jinx my apparent OKness so rested on Wednesday.

On Thursday morning I ran to the Peace Statue and back at an easy pace ready for the evening’s session of 3 x 2 miles. Thankfully Tom had measured a stone free prom 2 mile loop so it was the first time I was looking forward to this session for a while as it’s been the hilly Hove Park killer loop for so long. I tried to stick with Tom as usual for these sort of sessions. As it was flat I was more or less successful. The ones where I dropped behind were because he was faster. 13.28, 13.24, 13.26 off 3 minutes rest. Almost a minute faster than the equivalent hilly death route at Hove Park. I was pleased with this session even after seeing Emily twice running many times faster even though she was doing 14 miles. I also saw Mark on yet another long run. It didn’t make me wish to ever do anything long again though. 

Another rest day on Friday.

The weather lied again on Saturday. Those WERE NOT 10mph winds.  

Testing new cat ears


Oh well. I was happy enough with 21.34 as I just wanted to keep the effort up. 

Today (Sunday) I finished the week with just over 8 miles, trying to avoid the wind. Average page 8.14mm. 

A just about acceptable 35 miles for the week with two good sessions.


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  1. Omg LOVE the cat ears x


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