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I went to track again as Mark was doing his first warm up. Why are warm ups always so tiring? Though having said that the session was too. 1600 down to 400 decreasing by 200 each time with one minute recovery. Rick, the master of pace, said we were roughly 4.10k pace throughout so hardly speedy but ok as a steady run (with breaks). 

On Tuesday Tom had set a session designed for those doing Brighton Half of which I was not one but it was good for me as I don’t often (ever) do a long tempo run. I wanted to run approx 7.15mm and due to Ian’s spot on pacing my average for the 8 miles was indeed 7.15 (even though he left me with two miles to go). 

I was totally dead and broken on Wednesday morning which was a shame as I went to track to do 400 parlaufs with Rob. At least it meant he got a long recovery between his (speedy) reps. I’m always crap when I go to Withdean in the morning. It could be to do with the mile or so of solid uphill cycling without having had the whole day to adequately fuel. Or doing too much in general. Or being an utter goit. Whatever. I was bilge. By evening, having eaten everything in sight, I felt ready to go and do a, hopefully steady, run with the Arena people. Luckily Dorian was just getting over a bout of death and Tristan had legs of concrete so they said they’d be going slowly. This turned out to be around 7.30 pace which was fine and we were chatting all the way round. The route Steve had chosen was my favourite insofar as it means I can peel off st the lagoon and go home cutting the run to 7 instead of 9 miles which was welcomed after yesterday’s run and the unsuccessful morning. 

Thursday was time to try and be proper again. The session was 4 x 1 mile on the prom with no Tom. I arrived to find just Gail. Sean arrived a bit later but that was it. As Sean was doing the Brighton half he was only doing three reps and taking it easy so he ran with Gail for two and one with me for the last 300 or so after having caught me up from a slow start. Basically I ran all 4 on my own so I was very surprised and pleased with 6.30, 6.32, 6.28 and 6.31 off 2.5 minute recoveries. However credit to Gail for being there as I would probably not have done any of them if I had turned up and was the only person. Amazed by consistency. It wasn’t windy so that probably helped. Well not the consistency but the ability to actually get them done successfully. 

On Saturday I went to Hove Prom for parkrun as I couldn’t face the cycle over to Preston Park just to jog a parkrun. Paula was there and asked if I could help her go sub 20.30. I wasn’t confident I could but said I would try but she might have to abandon me as too slow. This meant I would have to try having thought this would just be a nice easy run.  

Trying to be helpful. Failing.


I was ok on the wind behind sections but struggled to keep up into the wind. Paula forged ahead though and finished in 20.35 with me trailing behind in 20.45. I was quite pleased with this run even though I was no use to Paula. Special mention to Sarah for her massive pb and inching ever closer to the hallowed sub 20 list. 

That was it!

Sunday was spectating the Brighton Half and being so so pleased I wasn’t running it. Good running conditions but absolutely no desire to run one ever again. It’s interesting to watch. So many rubbish/interesting/ridiculous running styles. My favourite are the really fast people who run in such awful ways you wonder how good they’d be if they had any sort of form. My legs seem to have good running form but looks like my top half is twisting far too much. Also it is lagging behind my legs. Must try and lean forward more. 

27 miles for the week. 


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  1. Hi Izzy, You did help me loads to get an almost 20.30 on Saturday- so thanks for being willing to try when you were supposed to be taking it easy!!! Catch up with you soon. Paula


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