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Although I love track I also love knowing what I’m doing at training sessions in advance so I decided to not do Monday evening track but go on Tuesday morning instead with Rob as we have discovered Payasugym app which is currently giving me 50% off day passes so almost as cheap as Arena entry (or it was until Arena dropped to £2). Anyway we arranged to do 800 reps. I suddenly realised this is what I had done on Thursday on the prom which meant I had something to compare them with. I had been pleased with them (3.06 av) but wasn’t sure how I’d do without having Tom to follow. It was slightly odd being at track in the sunshine and without the hordes of Arenas one is used to on a Monday evening. I was nervous because I new I would be sole pacer. Anyway after a bit of warming up I had to get on with it. In the end I did 6 x 800 in 3.03 to 3.05 with the first 400 being 1.29/1.30 each time. 90s rest between reps. Rob did 5 at around the same speed then did a bit of sprint stuff to finish off as that is what he likes most of all. One must enjoy running as everyone is always saying. I was pleased that I was able to pace us acceptably (Rob could have probably gone faster but tough unless he wishes to pace them himself). The added bonus of doing this session was that I didn’t have to do the hideous 3 x 2 mile hilly loop of Hove Park in the evening.
Thankfully the Wednesday evening Arena prom run was the loop that means I can peel off at the lagoon for 7 miles rather than the usual 9. Also Rick and Rachel were going at a pleasant pace (7.30mm) so it was a nice easy(ish) short(ish) run over all which is just what I needed. 

On Thursday I went to the prom to do Tom’s session suspecting it might just be me again as Tom and Cathy were away. Claire was there and then Fran appeared at the last moment. He is far too fast for me but even having him way ahead of me helped spur me on and I managed all my reps around 15s faster than the time before when I was at the front. 6.19, 6.14, 6.16 (dog meant an abrupt standstill, triathlon penalty style, on the return leg), 6.14. Two minute (roughly) recoveries. Cripes I’m almost turning into Alex/Gary with my consistency! 

As I knew I was attempting sub 20 at Prom parkrun on Saturday I thought I’d better do a small recovery run on Friday morning as I know it helps my legs feel less rubbish than not running the day before (though that’s what I usually do). An easy 3.5 to the King Alfred and back was plenty.

I was feeling reasonably confident for Saturday as there were pacers and the wind was minimal. Andy appeared beside me at the traffic lights having decided the prom is the way forward as Hove Park is now so crowded. 


Talking tactics before the run


Where’s Wally?


Starting off ok


Fading a bit


Losing form and thus speed



Putting in a strong finish

I started off with the pacer and went through halfway in 9.58 but then I faded in the second half as the pacer pulled too far ahead and I failed to keep close enough. I had always planned to try and put it in from the last turn and I did but it wasn’t enough to make up for the loss of speed/form from 3 – 4k. 20.22 was still ok though and due to being old I managed 74% age grading. 

This morning (Sunday) I (and Rob) gatecrashed the start of RunBrighton’s run as it was from the King Alfred. Rob and I turned back at the Marina as 2.45 hours of running is not something we need to do being #shortstufftilwedie. Well wish to be short stuff (not my cat) forever. 12 very pleasant miles in the sunshine mostly with the wind behind meant a nice end to the training week and a suitable 33 miles in the bag. 

I must just say well done to Mark Brocklehurst and Sarah Sawyer for their magnificent Barcelona marathon times! A 28 minute on for Mark. Flipping brilliant! 

Bye y’all. Until next week…


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