Easter legs (still waiting for the resurrection)   2 comments

After a surprisingly high mileage week I thought it would be good to keep ploughing onwards which naturally meant I was scuppered by knackeredness but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I rested on Monday as is becoming routine now, knowing that I would be doing a track session on Tuesday morning with track meister Rob. The planned session was 12 x 400 with 20s that I knew was going to be hard. I worked out we needed to be doing 96s per 400 for sub 20 minute 5k pace. Which is 24s per 100. So of course I was far too fast for the first 6 (I then died a bit for two of the latter ones – 98s being my slowest) but over all they were all 91 – 94s so basically sub 19 pace. I was dead. Rob however was not and ran them all in lane two and kept them all towards the 91s end. As I said: Track Meister. He then did a small spike test and I followed him on a (not very fast for him but maybe 80% sprint speed for me) 100m. Fool fool fool. Death. Then I cycled up the usual leg sapper hill to get home. In the evening I went to Tom’s session where a I chose an option that wasn’t even an option and was in fact 2 miles shorter than the shortest “softies” option of 8 miles. 21.14 for the outward 3 miles followed by 22.01 on the way back. That was it.

Until Saturday. I meant to run on Friday as I knew everything would have seized up and indeed I found my hip flexor was inflexible and dodgy to the point of thinking I shouldn’t even attempt running. Also my right knee was stiff as heck itself. I did a bit of hobbling and leg swinging and various other things. I didn’t care about my knee but the hip was seriously concerning as I couldn’t even jog on it. My own fault for not running yesterday. Naturally being a massive goit I did not sensibly don a hi vis but stepped up to the start line. By now my hip had loosened out a bit so it was time to go go go! As it was rather windy (surprise!) I thought I’d use the run to concentrate on form, especially arm swing (or total lack thereof [T Rex/hamster]). I managed to get my arms moving a little more than usual (not hard as ANY movement would be an improvement) and also tried to run a bit more on my toes and leaning forwards rather than my usual leaning back can’t-keep-up-with-my-legs style. All this concentrating on the simple act of trying to run like a normal. I passed halfway in 10.24 which isn’t very good but let’s blame the wind and the fact I was concentrating on form rather than pace (hopefully pace will follow decent form). Into the wind I concentrated on keeping up the effort level. The last 500m was with the wind behind (ish, sideways on) so I picked it up a bit (at least in terms of effort). 21.13 was my official time which I was of course unhappy with but then what am I ever happy with? Nothing! Stupid woman.

A paltry 12 miles for the week with the equivalent of 1000 miles of self hatred and general pointlessness of existenceness. Happy Easter! I shall resurrect myself from the ashes of my feeblemindedness and become brilliant! But not tomorrow as it’s too blasted windy. 


Posted 27/03/2016 by Isobel Muir in Running

2 responses to “Easter legs (still waiting for the resurrection)

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  1. however hard you are
    on self
    this blog written by same
    i presume
    just is
    sunday’s highlight


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