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As I am mojo less and motivation lacking I decided to just do whatever running happened. On Monday this turned out to be a horrible gloom-ridden drag to the Peace Statue and back. 

On Tuesday it was time for the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 laps session at the track. I thought I would be unsuccessful from the the 3 lap rep onwards but actually I only really couldn’t do the last one. There was some suspect pacing by me throughout (with additional decimal-clock style 100m time fails by Rob) but I was pleased with my ability to get us back on track (not literally as we remained on the actual  track at all times) when I went astray. Naturally I thought I had ruined it all but it was OK as I was as fast as I should have been (except for the 2 and 1 lap bits but Rob went ahead and was always running in lane 2 or 3 anyway so he was doing much faster than prescribed.  It was definitely better than I feared as I truly thought I wouldn’t be able to do any of it.

Rob’s Garmin comparison of our two goes at this session. Overall improvement.


On Wednesday I ran to Shoreham Arm. It was ridiculously windy so I was hardly moving on the way. On the way back I did some form practice for a mile or so. Trying to keep up on my toes Timmy-style and flick my heels up McNealy style. I did feel faster and more bouncy but perhaps this was due to the thousand mile an hour tailwind. 

On Thursday it was the usual LSR with Rob. 

On Friday I went on an easy ish 6 miler where the focus was on trying to stay up on my toes, or rather, trying not to heel strike. My calves were already quite tight after Wednesday’s practice so I’m sure another 6 miles helped greatly. 

Saturday was Christ’s Hospital Relay day. Yippee! Well it should have been as it’s one of my favourite races of the year. However I knew it wasn’t going to be my best what with one thing and another. I found myself as leg 1 for one team and leg 2 for a second, non-scoring, team. I did this last year so knew it would horrid but also good (or better than 1st and 3rd leg at least – precisely the wrong amount of time in between). Some excellent pinning by me meant I would be able to tear off my first number to reveal an already pinned on secondary number underneath.  

Awaiting the (first) off. Please note excellent number pinning skills.


I don’t think I was very good on the first leg. Probably not warmed up enough and worrying about the imminence of the second leg.  

Hmmmmm. Not looking too speedy. Double numbers looking great though.


I felt better on the second leg, though knackered, after only a couple of minutes recovery. I have no idea of either leg time but know neither was anywhere near my dream of sub 13 minutes for the 2.1 mile distance (best time 13 minutes dead, probably in 2013). I had decided that at worst this was a Tom-style session of 2 x 2.1 miles with 2/3 minute recovery. 

Today I struggled massively on a windswept seafront run. This may be due to this being day 13 of running. I didn’t realise this. 15 runs in this time if I count yesterday’s double legger as two runs. Oops. 41 miles for the week.

I’ve one been writing this blog for three or so years and it’s interesting to see what sorts of search terms people use to discover it. All the usual suspects are there. People looking up races that I’ve talked about, routes I’ve mentioned and all that sort of stuff. “Men in tight gloves” obviously. Here’s one I wasn’t expecting:

But I must give the public what they want. Alas I could not find the specificity of a small poodle but please peruse this link Small dog stretches for the information you crave. 



Posted 10/04/2016 by Isobel Muir in Running

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