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After a hard Saturday and Sunday and an imminent 10k I decided a rest was in order and Monday was that day. 
On Tuesday Rob and I were supposed to be doing 12 x 400 but I bailed out at 5 and he did 6. Let’s say it was because we were tapering for the 10k. If this was really so we (well mainly I) would not have then done many many many many many many long jumps. But I love it and people keep telling me running is supposed to be fun and I can’t say it is at the moment. Long jump counts a running right?
One Wednesday I was so utterly broken from the long jumping bonanza so I went out for a gentle 5 to try and shake some of the DOMS from my legs. Not sure it was successful. Also good grief, my poor shoulders. 

Back to track on Thursday mainly to use up our passes that were due to expire on Sunday. An easy session of 6 x 800 at 42 minute 10k pace just to try and get a feel for the pace. It was a nice sunny day so a very pleasant session over all. 

A rest on Friday mainly because I had to go to the expo to collect my number for Sunday. Also the weather was horrible. 


Kit bags past to present.

On Saturday I wanted to try and do a sub 21 parkrun. I did not but I concentrated on trying not to lose too much in the second half. I went through halfway in 10.30 and finished in 21.11. Still too much of a drop but better than usual. Also on trying to actually use my arms rather than carrying them like a scared Tyrannosaurus rex.

No t rex arms here

This morning (Sunday) it was time for the BM10k. Up at 6am, cycling in the freezing cold at 7.15, arriving far too early. Feeling sick due to too much breakfast. Sighing at the disastrous tiny kit bag saga. Finding myself and Rob in the start straight with Dan Vaughan, Emily, Alex and Gemma Steele. Everyone else being corralled on the grass. Finding a bi-directional headwind on the sea front. Taking it as a steady run as I know I have no endurance at present. Waiting HALF AN HOUR for my bag afterwards (I received it just as everyone tired of the shambles and disorganisation and started climbing over the barriers – God knows what happened then. I fear deaths.). 

A paltry 19 miles for the week which is less than most people ran today alone. 


Posted 17/04/2016 by Isobel Muir in Running

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