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An early blog as tomorrow I’m off on the annual Arena holiday. Devon this year with a small posse of fellow runners. 

This week I was fully back into training after the illness that meant no real running for two weeks. 

Monday was the first attempt at anything approaching speed (except parkrun but that didn’t feel at all fast and I wasn’t really properly ready for it then). It was a simple 50 minute run but pushing the last 10 minutes a bit harder. I think I headed out a little too fast. Though actually probably not but I did push the last bit a bit more than I should have. My pace was roughly 7.40 then 7.00. It felt doable but perhaps the leap was too much. Anyway I managed it and felt OK so it can’t have been too disastrous.

On Tuesday I had to get to grips with the most complicated set of intervals my poor brain has ever had to contend with. 

No way could I remember this just using my brain

After a 10 minute warm up run I got stuck in. This is when I discovered I had possibly been a little over zealous on Monday. By the time I got to the 30s reps though I felt better. Between each rep was one minute of easy running, then two between each set. I just left my watch running and spent the whole time working out when the rep would finish, then when the next one would start and when I should be at the end of that set. In the end I could only work one step ahead and even that nearly blew my mind. This was or insult the most “brainy” run I’ve ever done so an excellent body AND mind workout. All that calculating probably took my mind off the running too which may have been a good thing. Although this was a hard session I enjoyed its brain frazzling nature and being something out of the ordinary. 

Thankfully Wednesday’s session was a nice and easy 45 minutes. No thought involved. 

Thursday was not so nice. The dreaded LSR. I enlisted Rob to ease the horridness. 90 minutes of easy running. Luckily it was a nice sunny day and Rob, as always, is pleasant company. We haven’t done anything vaguely long for ages. He seems to be doing well with no long runs but I know I need to do them. That is mainly what having a coach is for. Someone to tell me what to do so I will do it. Doesn’t mean I will like it though. But it’s done thank goodness. For this week at least…

Today (Friday) I’d been set a tempo and hills session which I was quite looking forward to insofar as it was shortish and fastish. I was no longer so pleased when I went out and discovered I was actually quite tired. Anyway I managed it. Not sure of my tempo speed (probably not tempo) but it FELT tempo-ish in terms of effort and that’s what counts. I MUST have a day off tomorrow as then it’ll be 6 days of doing lots of stuff, not just running. Otherwise it’ll be 14 days in a row which isn’t sensible and I need to remember I’ve just come back from an enforced illness break and I don’t want that to happen again. 

I’ve done 35 miles already this week so once Sunday has been added that’s plenty. 

See you all a week on Sunday! 


Posted 20/05/2016 by Isobel Muir in Running

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  1. at last
    a proper watch
    on a runners wrist


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