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Hilarious iron based puns aside I think it’s beginning to kick in as I feel distinctly less tired and weak in general (though I still sleep far too much). 

Tuesday got off to a good start with 45 minutes at a steady pace with the middle at race effort. This felt good, with a definite push for the 10 then dropping back to the same steady pace as before. 

Then it all went wrong. Well the weather did. So goddamned windy on Wednesday it totally ruined a hard fartlek session that I had actually been looking forward to. It was supposed to be 45 minutes steady incorporating 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 minutes of fast running interspersed by 2 minutes back at the steady pace. However the wind put paid to that. I struggled into it but the pace dropped massively and I couldn’t really get any faster on the supposed fast bits. The session finished with 5 x 15s at full pelt but this meant about 3 metres covered. Huff.

Thursday was an easy jog. Thankfully it wasn’t too windy. 

Of course on Friday it was very windy again so trying to do a steady run proved difficult. By the time I turned so the wind was behind me I was knackered from battling into it so wasn’t really able to stride out as I wished on the 4 x 15s to finish.

Prom parkrun was off on Saturday due to Paddle Round the Pier so I dragged my  self to a windy Preston Park. All the running into the wind during the week had totally drained me and it only managed a below par 22.17. At least I’ve done a few weeks worth of good parkruns recently so I wasn’t too disappointed. 

This morning (Sunday) I set off for what has become my favourite run of the week as it packs everything in to one. The weather was behaving with only a slight breeze. Once again I started the fartlek section after half an hour just after ascending King George VI. This time it was 30, 60, 90s off 1 minute (x 4). This always means the fartlekky bit is on up hills and downhill with a few road crossings so no idea of pace but I made sure I increased the effort when I should. This is only an “easy fartlek” session so the fast bits are only a bit faster than the body of the run. The end of the fartlek section always coincides with running up Valley Drive. Not pleasant but adding more to the overall benefit of this run. A good run to end a week of wind-spoilt ones.

Posted 03/07/2016 by Isobel Muir in Running

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