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A pictorial representation of Monday evening’s vet’s league. I was not very good. Though I did discover days later won the long jump. 



Arena vet’s team. Thanks Marc for letting me use your photos.

After the trauma of my incapability on Monday I ran a little too hard on Tuesday. The session was supposed to be 30 easy followed by 30 steady. I did the “easy” into the wind thus rendering it not so easy. When I turned round I charged off, glad to have the wind behind me. Unfortunately I had grossly miscalculated how much faster I would be on the way back and found myself far too far eastbound still with 5 minutes of the steady section to go so I turned back. This meant the last 5 minutes of the steady section were no longer steady but a fight into the wind. I rounded it off with the prescribed 5 x 15s fast. As these were also into the wind I didn’t feel like I’d actually got any faster than the rest of the wind-hindered bits. When I looked at my splits the steady bits were probably steady based on my fast times of old but were more race pace on current terms. Oops. I was also pretty DOMSed from Monday. Oh well, I did it (near enough). 

Wednesday was a speed/fartlekkish session. It wasn’t quite so hideously windy but still quite breezy. The DOMS had seriously kicked in (probably with additional Tuesday). The session was 15 mins w/u, 5 mins tempo, 12 x 30s fast (1min steady), 5 mins tempo, 15 mins c/d. This was a very hard session. Not only the DOMS but also the wind and being dive bombed by a seagull. I put in the effort for the sections but not sure I attained speeds above snail. Of course the point of the session was to keep working when tired so this I did. 

Thankfully Thursday was  just a 40 minute easy jog and Friday a rest day.

On Saturday it was once again Arena’s turn to do the volunteering at Hove Prom parkrun. I was down to help set up but it had all been done before I got there (early). I was supposed to be doing 25 minutes in preparation for Seaford 10k on Sunday but saw Rick was pacing 24 so went with him instead.

Exceptionally pleased with my excellent colour coordination (also matching Rick’s shoe style)

This morning I got up at 6am ready to head over to Seaford for the 10k. We hoped the weather would be better than last year which was absolutely soaking, freezing and windy. Alas today was about the same though the rain was more of a drizzle that started after we’d run, it wasn’t quite so cold (though still cold) and the wind was a pure cross wind so you had to contend with it in both directions. As I was doing the 10k I had to contend with two laps. The race was supposed to be chip timed but the system wasn’t working. The very wide start and lack of any really fast runners meant I didn’t mind standing practically on the start line. My plan was to go out sensibly (I’m still traumatised by Worthing 10k) and work the wind behind sections. I had to change this as there were no wind behind sections, only wind across continuously. Somehow it was worse when it was ever so slightly behind rather than ever so slightly into the face. Anyway I decided I’d better ruddy well just try and push the whole thing. So I did. Due to the lapped nature of the course I would be able to see if anyone was likely to overtake me. I was in the lead (for the ladies) after the first half a mile or so as I think the original leading lady may have made my usual mistake of going out too fast. Anyway I seemed reasonably safe when I checked on the turns. I kept trying to keep going though. Many men over took me in the second half but perhaps this is because they started too far back on the start rather than me slowing down as I wasn’t overtaken by Dean or Terry who I was expecting to charge past at any moment. Anyway I crossed the line in first place for the ladies in the 10k. 7 seconds faster than last year and two places higher. Although my time of 43.34 (I think) wasn’t particularly speedy I was pleased with the way I ran and the effort put in, especially in not too pleasant conditions. 

The heaviest prize haul ever

The envy inducing visor amongst other great prizes

I was very pleased to win another full size bag of porridge (even though I bought one yesterday as I didn’t want to tempt fate), a really nice minty coloured visor (which I shall have to adapt to fit my tiny pin head), some far-too-big-for-aforementioned-pin-head sunglasses with three different sets of lenses and various other little bits and pieces. Oh and a HUGE tub of energy drink mix powder which I gave to Mal who had won his own stuff  (not including giant tub) for second in the 5k. There was much envy of my minty green visor as Mal received a red one and Anthony a white one (for winning the 10k). This race is excellent, low key, well organised and with a decent goody bag for everyone and top quality prizes for the top three in each race along with Age Groups. Now if they could just sort out some summery weather for next year that would be a welcome addition. 

Only 30 ish miles for the week but I feel like I might finally be heading towards where I want to be. 

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