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Monday was supposed to be a rest day. Which it was. Until 7pm where I embarked upon a new style of vet’s league. Instead of my usuals I chose three field events I’ve never done before. First was the triple jump. Arg! My brain! I am not very co-ordinated and trying to string the hop, step and jump together was very difficult. I discovered it was slightly easier if my “run up” consisted of four or five slow motion steps. I still panicked mid way through my third jump but completed it legally and reached the sand. I was very pleased with my 7.67 as I thought I’d manage three no jumps. I even managed to jump off the board. Must be a combination of it just being a drawn on line and my run up being non existent.

Foot on the board! Thanks Bob for capturing this once in a lifetime phenomenon

Looking quite proper. Note the closest bottle to the sand. My “walk up” start marker

After the mental strain of this it was off to the javelin. This was no less stressful. Another three step “run up” followed by a not very elegant hurling. 

Please note the unconventional “perpendicular” style due to throwing like a tennis ball. Thanks again to Bob for capturing this moment of excellence

Once again I was pleased with my almighty 11m 66cm. Watch out Fatima! The winner was a mere 10m further. Pah! 

Finally it was time for the high jump. I was most worried about this as doing it wrong could cause great injury unlike the others. Luckily a very helpful lady told me the rules and helped me try out a few scissor kick practice jumps. Thankfully there are no photos of this. I managed to clear 1m 10m. Please measure it and laugh fulsomely. The kind lady said I could have easily cleared 1.15 but by this stage it was too scary so I after three failures (and being laughed at) I scurried away in humiliation. I finished the evening by running first leg (200m) in the medley relay which was fun and another first as I haven’t run first leg before so was a bit worried I wouldn’t be able to  catch Lesley to pass the baton but thankfully it was ok. All in all it was a good evening and I’m pleased I tried some different events. 

Back to business on Tuesday. The set run was 45 minutes steady. Having learnt from my too fast steady last week I made sure I started sensibly. Luckily the weather was ok with some breeze, but not a hurricane. A perfectly acceptable 7.30mm average and 5.5 miles.

Wednesday was supposed to be a track session but the track was being used so Preston Park once more. We used the same 400m section as last week but this time the session was a continuous 20 x 200 with 200 jog recovery. After having made a rough guess at 200m we set off. It turned out one was was around 10 metres too long and the other 10 too short (though in fact later I discovered the 400 itself was ten metres too long). It didn’t matter as we were keeping to the same 400 stretch through out so each direction/segment was run and jogged both ways so it equalled out in the end. The main thing was to make sure each 200 was consistent with itself. This meant I was running an average of 42s for the “short” and 51s for the “long” and Rob a second or so faster for each. They were all within a few seconds of each other and still within 20 minute 5k pace which was the aim so a success. So all in all it was 5miles of continuous running which I learnt later was to get me primed (or pruned as autocorrect would have it) for the 10000 next Thursday. 

Thursday was a simple 60 minutes easy. 

On Friday I made sure I didn’t repeat last Friday’s far too fast run and strides. An easy 35 minutes followed by 5 x 15s strides. 

For prom parkrun I had planned to run with the 21 pacer then try and speed up. I managed this perfectly apart from the fact that at halfway I slowed down. 

This morning (Sunday) I decided to do my 75 minute run on the flat of the seafront as a break from the usual hilly route. There were loads of runners out and I ran with Dave (on his bike) for a bit who’d just finished a ride with his friend. Even the weather was behaving so this was a pleasant finish to another training week. 


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