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Prepare for brevity:

Monday – 7 miles exceptionally slowly + 6 x 15s fast.

Tuesday – 30 minutes easy followed by 20 minutes steady.

Wednesday – “track” session at Preston Park. Hot. Slow.

Thursday – Rest.

Friday – 20 minutes out, 18 minutes back.

Saturday – succumbed to the tiredness that has been creeping up on me for weeks but that I stupidly ignored as usual until I couldn’t even jog without wheezing death and feeling like I’d raced a marathon the day before (not that I know what that would feel like but I’m too tired to think of my own analogy).

I am now going to attempt to rest – properly rest – for at least a week which, if I succeed, will be the longest I’ve ever rested from running without having been forced to by illness/injury. I have almost finished day one…

I look forward to next week’s blog entry which should read “did nothing at all”.

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Not quite an Olympian¬†   Leave a comment

This week I was tapering for Tom’s track 5000 on Thursday. 

Monday = rest day.
Tuesday was another go at the straight diagonals. I still have absolutely no speed but it went as well as the last one. 

On Wednesday it was a nice easy 25 minutes plus 4 x 15s strides to prepare me for the 5000. 

Well prepared physically I arrived at Withdean, knowing that my race was the third of three. This doesn’t suit me as too much time to think about it though also too many other races to watch instead of doing a proper warm up. I did do more than before the 10000 (nil) but I think I need to do about 3 miles really to be ready. I have never done this and realistically never will. Having watched the two faster races it was then our turn. I had been contemplating various plans but once the race started I stuck to none of them. I found myself at the front for the first lap or so and went through 1k in 4.02 which is too fast for my current 5k times. 

Unintentionally at the front

Later on I got boxed for a bit which I couldn’t bear (this type of close proximity to others is something I can’t stand when in one of my bad brain phases). Unfortunately in this race I didn’t do anything right. In the 10000 I had a (single) solid plan which I stuck too and I was pleased with my run. This time I had a hundred plans, stuck to none of them, became annoyed with myself and ran badly. Under the circumstances I suppose 21.15 isn’t too bad as that’s all I’ve managed in recent parkruns but I really wanted to get something with a 20 on the front for confidence purposes. 

An olympian in style only AFTER the race

As the forecast for Saturday was for extremely strong winds I chose to go inland to Preston Park to take my chances with the incoming Thai food festival. I felt like I went out strongly but as I passed 2k in 8.48 I realised I must have actually been totally knackered as that is sloooooooooow and I was trying. 

This photo has been sped up

Anyway it didn’t get any better as I made it back to the finish. Afterwards I had to do 8 x 45s fast. After a dodgy start I managed maybe 4 acceptable ones before I totally died and struggled on the last two. Rob was helping me which meant they were much better than they would have been if I’d attempted them alone. The pace was that whichI’d need to sustain to run 18.30 for 5k which has always been my dream. Hahahahahaha. Oh dear. At least the 5k warm up meant I felt ready for about 4 of the 8 speed reps. 

Today (Sunday) was back to the hilly Hangleton loop. As of tomorrow I’m starting a 12 week marathon training plan (no marathon!) as I feel the only way I can become faster is with higher mileage. I really hoped this wasn’t the case but having done a few months of structured training to no avail I’m going to have to accept it. So now I’m going to do everything slowly (except specific speed work obviously) and rack up my mileage and hopefully get back a bit of speed. Really I know it’s down to confidence of which I have none but until I miraculously attain some self belief or sense of worth I’ll try doing the training that worked in the past. 

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Restful restful Monday.

Followed by steady Tuesday. Well five minutes easy followed by 25 steady. 

On Wednesday I was supposed to be running the diagonals of a football pitch but there were none drawn on and where they would be the grass was far too lumpy so I made my own seafront version thanks to a suggestion from Richard (who was also who told me that there were no pitches drawn on and the grass was too lumpy). So it was basically 130 metre sprint followed by 70 metre jog recovery solidly for ten minutes (with a ten minute warm up and cool down). I discovered I have no sprint. So I ran as fast as I could. Which wasn’t very fast. But I did it.

On Thursday I was supposed to be doing a 35 minute steady run but something was seriously telling me not to. I couldn’t say what or why but it was there and part of this is learning to listen to my body, even if it’s emitting an unknown something that must be obeyed. 

By Friday the feeling had left and I was looking forward to doing my track session. However as my partner in track was recovering from tooth removal I didn’t want to drag myself all the way over to Withdean, especially if the “thing” from yesterday was suddenly going to appear so I adapted the session to the seafront. It was supposed to be (3x) 400, 300, 200 off 1 minute with a lap jog between sets. So I did (3x) 80 seconds, 60, 40 with 3 minutes between sets. I still felt like I had absolutely nothing in the way of speed but, as with all my current sessions, I’m supposed to be developing speed endurance so the speed was still much faster than I’d ever actually be able to run a 5 or 10k. 

parkrunday. Prom this time. Once again I managed to stick with the 21 pacer until halfway then dropped off a bit in the second half. 

An acceptable start

Finishing badly

The extra excitement this time was I had to do 6 x 45s fast off 1 minute after I finished. I probably had a minute’s rest whilst I collected my token and got scanned. I did my first couple with the wind behind, then a couple into the wind,mother Amanda asked me to run her in so I had a longer break before finishing off with two more, one into and one with the wind. By the last couple I felt like I could actually run. Only four miles too late! 

Today (Sunday) I finished the week with an easy hour. 

26 miles for the week (due to missing Thursday). 

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As I was tapering for the 10000 on Thursday I had a session on Monday this week instead of the usual rest day. 10 minutes warm up followed by 8 x 1 minute fast (1 minute jog) then 10 minutes cool down. I felt a bit tired but nothing too traumatic. 

Tuesday was the rest day this time. So I did.

Wednesday was 25 minutes easy with 5 x 15s strides to finish. 

Then it was finally time. Tom’s track 10000. After my good run at Phoenix I hoped I’d be able to replicate it. As there wouldn’t be mile markers I decided to split the race into three sections of effort. 13 minutes steady, 13 minutes faster, the rest faster still. Obviously this meant wearing a watch, but it’s only a stopwatch so wouldn’t give me any idea of pace or anything. 

Ready for the off

I settled in to a pace which felt comfortable, then picked up the effort after 13 minutes, then again at 26 minutes. Soon enough I was running on my own. This was fine though and I just kept concentrating and ticking off the laps. 

I had no idea where I was lap-wise so just kept going. Finally I heard the bell. Alas it was for the person just behind me! Eeek. Having got this far without being lapped I tried to push on a bit more and I managed not to be lapped. Phew! Thus it was now my last lap. Even though I was wearing a watch I hadn’t looked at it other than at 13 and 26 minutes and the lap clock kept switching to screensaver so I had no idea of my time. Because I was quite pleased with my run (in terms of concentrating and sticking to my plan) I did a full on sprint finish for the last 100 metres or so. This did little to help my time and I crossed the line in 43.06. 

Luckily Emily was my lap counter so I was able to see my splits after the race.

Alas I’m not Mark O’Gara

I think this is the most consistent I’ve ever been! Also shows how putting in more effort as you get more tired doesn’t lead to an increase in pace (or not in this case anyway). I could easily berate myself for my not so fast time but I’ve decided not to as I ran how I wanted, stuck to my plan and concentrated all the way round. At the moment I’m practicing a style of racing so the time isn’t really relevant. 

On Friday it was back on it but with a revised run of 35 easy (scheduled steady pace). I suppose due to Thursday the easy pace was a little quicker than usual at 7.55mm for the 4.5 miles.

Due to Pride on Saturday the usual crew went over to Eastbourne to do their parkrun. It was a hot day. The course is run round a lake with a small lap on lumpy grass at the start and finish. I knew I wouldn’t be able to drum up any pace after Thursday so just wanted to do the run at a steady/tempo/consistent pace. I was a bit behind the 22 pacer the whole way round and finished in 22.23 which was ok. 

parkrun posse: me, Rob, Mal and Dean

This morning (Sunday) I was scheduled to do a hilly long run but Rob had won two free places for Spin City so instead I had to do a 40 minute steady run before the class at 10am. 

Here is Rob’s sweat patch

A slightly lower mileage overall due to the spin but a good mix of activities over the week and still 27 miles dans le sack.

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