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Restful restful Monday.

Followed by steady Tuesday. Well five minutes easy followed by 25 steady. 

On Wednesday I was supposed to be running the diagonals of a football pitch but there were none drawn on and where they would be the grass was far too lumpy so I made my own seafront version thanks to a suggestion from Richard (who was also who told me that there were no pitches drawn on and the grass was too lumpy). So it was basically 130 metre sprint followed by 70 metre jog recovery solidly for ten minutes (with a ten minute warm up and cool down). I discovered I have no sprint. So I ran as fast as I could. Which wasn’t very fast. But I did it.

On Thursday I was supposed to be doing a 35 minute steady run but something was seriously telling me not to. I couldn’t say what or why but it was there and part of this is learning to listen to my body, even if it’s emitting an unknown something that must be obeyed. 

By Friday the feeling had left and I was looking forward to doing my track session. However as my partner in track was recovering from tooth removal I didn’t want to drag myself all the way over to Withdean, especially if the “thing” from yesterday was suddenly going to appear so I adapted the session to the seafront. It was supposed to be (3x) 400, 300, 200 off 1 minute with a lap jog between sets. So I did (3x) 80 seconds, 60, 40 with 3 minutes between sets. I still felt like I had absolutely nothing in the way of speed but, as with all my current sessions, I’m supposed to be developing speed endurance so the speed was still much faster than I’d ever actually be able to run a 5 or 10k. 

parkrunday. Prom this time. Once again I managed to stick with the 21 pacer until halfway then dropped off a bit in the second half. 

An acceptable start

Finishing badly

The extra excitement this time was I had to do 6 x 45s fast off 1 minute after I finished. I probably had a minute’s rest whilst I collected my token and got scanned. I did my first couple with the wind behind, then a couple into the wind,mother Amanda asked me to run her in so I had a longer break before finishing off with two more, one into and one with the wind. By the last couple I felt like I could actually run. Only four miles too late! 

Today (Sunday) I finished the week with an easy hour. 

26 miles for the week (due to missing Thursday). 


Posted 14/08/2016 by Isobel Muir in Running

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