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This week I was tapering for Tom’s track 5000 on Thursday. 

Monday = rest day.
Tuesday was another go at the straight diagonals. I still have absolutely no speed but it went as well as the last one. 

On Wednesday it was a nice easy 25 minutes plus 4 x 15s strides to prepare me for the 5000. 

Well prepared physically I arrived at Withdean, knowing that my race was the third of three. This doesn’t suit me as too much time to think about it though also too many other races to watch instead of doing a proper warm up. I did do more than before the 10000 (nil) but I think I need to do about 3 miles really to be ready. I have never done this and realistically never will. Having watched the two faster races it was then our turn. I had been contemplating various plans but once the race started I stuck to none of them. I found myself at the front for the first lap or so and went through 1k in 4.02 which is too fast for my current 5k times. 

Unintentionally at the front

Later on I got boxed for a bit which I couldn’t bear (this type of close proximity to others is something I can’t stand when in one of my bad brain phases). Unfortunately in this race I didn’t do anything right. In the 10000 I had a (single) solid plan which I stuck too and I was pleased with my run. This time I had a hundred plans, stuck to none of them, became annoyed with myself and ran badly. Under the circumstances I suppose 21.15 isn’t too bad as that’s all I’ve managed in recent parkruns but I really wanted to get something with a 20 on the front for confidence purposes. 

An olympian in style only AFTER the race

As the forecast for Saturday was for extremely strong winds I chose to go inland to Preston Park to take my chances with the incoming Thai food festival. I felt like I went out strongly but as I passed 2k in 8.48 I realised I must have actually been totally knackered as that is sloooooooooow and I was trying. 

This photo has been sped up

Anyway it didn’t get any better as I made it back to the finish. Afterwards I had to do 8 x 45s fast. After a dodgy start I managed maybe 4 acceptable ones before I totally died and struggled on the last two. Rob was helping me which meant they were much better than they would have been if I’d attempted them alone. The pace was that whichI’d need to sustain to run 18.30 for 5k which has always been my dream. Hahahahahaha. Oh dear. At least the 5k warm up meant I felt ready for about 4 of the 8 speed reps. 

Today (Sunday) was back to the hilly Hangleton loop. As of tomorrow I’m starting a 12 week marathon training plan (no marathon!) as I feel the only way I can become faster is with higher mileage. I really hoped this wasn’t the case but having done a few months of structured training to no avail I’m going to have to accept it. So now I’m going to do everything slowly (except specific speed work obviously) and rack up my mileage and hopefully get back a bit of speed. Really I know it’s down to confidence of which I have none but until I miraculously attain some self belief or sense of worth I’ll try doing the training that worked in the past. 


Posted 21/08/2016 by Isobel Muir in Running

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