Going, going, gone   1 comment

Prepare for brevity:

Monday – 7 miles exceptionally slowly + 6 x 15s fast.

Tuesday – 30 minutes easy followed by 20 minutes steady.

Wednesday – “track” session at Preston Park. Hot. Slow.

Thursday – Rest.

Friday – 20 minutes out, 18 minutes back.

Saturday – succumbed to the tiredness that has been creeping up on me for weeks but that I stupidly ignored as usual until I couldn’t even jog without wheezing death and feeling like I’d raced a marathon the day before (not that I know what that would feel like but I’m too tired to think of my own analogy).

I am now going to attempt to rest – properly rest – for at least a week which, if I succeed, will be the longest I’ve ever rested from running without having been forced to by illness/injury. I have almost finished day one…

I look forward to next week’s blog entry which should read “did nothing at all”.


Posted 28/08/2016 by Isobel Muir in Running

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  1. good luck!


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