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After doing far too much last week (will I ever learn? No) I was not very good at track. I used the same tactic as last week and missed out a lap of the 1k to try and make the 300s better. They weren’t really. 

I managed to be sensible and not do anything on Tuesday or Wednesday until the August incarnation of the Preston Park Magic Mile (yes it was in July). This time there was no Sarah to use as an unwitting pacer so I decided to set my watch to the six minute beep a la Eastbourne then just run in my traditional style by going out fast, dying through the middle, then attempting to affect a sprint finish. This I did. I like the six minute beep and it is now becoming tradition to take approx 15s to get to the finish. Obviously the theory is to get to the finish before the beep but at least my last three have been consistent at around 6.15. 

Buoyed from my acceptable mile I decided to try and throw in a consistently paced k in the midst of an easy 5 miler on Thursday. 

A reasonably paced 6 minute mile (ish) paced 1k section (wind assisted)

More rest on Friday in preparation for doing Bevendean parkrun on Saturday. I was going to use it as a test of taking 200mg caffeine before a run. I felt that my run was much better than last time but it turned on to be almost exactly the same as last time so FUCK YOU CAFFEINE! All it does is make it feel like I’m doing better when in fact I’m just the same as normal. It didn’t even make it feel easier or anything. 

“Zooming” down the hill in a caffeine hallucination of greatness

If anyone can explain what doing a run that feels good but is actually not means please tell me. Many thanks. 

And that was that for the past week. 

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I’m back! Did you miss me? Tough! I’m back anyway. 

I decided it’s time to get back to Arena Monday track after not having been since November. I slotted back in to my normal group even though I knew it would be difficult to keep up. I couldn’t so adapted my session so I could still run with the group (well the Dorian and Soulla part of it anyway). The session was (4 x) 1k tempo, 30s rest, 300 fast, 100 jog, 300 fast, 1 minute recovery. I cut my k down to 600 metres (so took a longer recovery whilst the group did the first lap of the 1k) so I could do the 300s with (or a bit behind) Dorian. This worked quite well though I did find it hard havingnot done anything like this for a while. I was glad to be back and shall keep going now. 

On Tuesday I decided to do some glute strengthening exercises before Core & Stretch class as I feel like I have no bum anymore and rely on my hip flexors too much which tires them out and also I NEED buttocks for speed of which I have none of at the moment. I did (3 x) 8 single leg presses at 55kg, (3 x) 12 hip raises with 20kg and (3 x) 12 single leg squats. I knew d made a hideous error when I couldn’t even walk back down the stairs to the C&S class as my quads had died. I got through the class, heaved myself back up the six or steps back to reception and cycled home very glad of my electrified bicycle. 

On Wednesday I went out for a 10 miler. My legs were still ruined, my buttocks had begun to join in slightly by this time too. I then went to Weight Training class in the evening ( I have been doing this class on Monday and Wednesday since last December – it’s like a thousand body pump classes rolled into one I’ve been informed – now ve gone back to track on Monday I’ll just be doing the Wednesday class – except at the moment as there are so many Wednesday evening races). The class wasn’t as bad as I feared. I suppose using the same muscles as I’d destroyed meant they were less painful as I used them. 

However by Thursday everything had caught up with me. I still couldn’t walk but also everything was like painful, set concrete. Yikes! As part of my re-joining the Arena fold I went to their Thursday Hove Park interval session. I ran there hoping this would loosen off my cannonball buns and horse riders’ quads but alas not. Every step I feared everything would cramp up so it ended up just being 8 hillyish miles all told.

Because I’m often an overtraining idiot I went out on Friday to do some downhills. These were ok, consistently paced into a fierce headwind and I only head butted one tree branch when I decided I probably didn’t actually need to duck under them. 

On Saturday I ventured to Hove Park for parkrun as I couldn’t face yet another windy prom. Due to the ruinous limbs I ran round with Rick who stopped me flagging totally.

Can’t remember how to caption photos! Anyway here’s Rick leading me to the sweet sweet end of parkrun.

By Sunday (today) my bum and quads had stopped being painDOMS but they are still completely shot to pieces. I wanted to do a medium long run interspersed with two fast kilometres but after approx 200 metres of my first attempt my legs said no so I continued jogging. I then couldn’t even ascend the metal steps back up to the main road to get home. I considered sliding gently to the ground and awaiting rescue but I was on Basin Road North where hardly anyone goes so using my last bit of effort I heaved myself up to the top, tottered across the road and walked home. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so totally physically ruined (hip to knees). Even after my first weights class my legs were only somewhat dead. I’m hoping if I pack in the protein and rest (except for track tomorrow evening) I might have recovered enough to give the mile on Wednesday evening a good go. If I’ve learnt anything from this (unlikely) it’s that I should ease myself into leg/glute strengthening more gently. Next time (if I ever dare to do anything again) I’ll start with just body weight and work up from that. Though what I actually want to do is what I did before again as surely it can’t be as bad afterwards next time? However I’ll wait until after Wednesday at least before I attempt anything. 

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