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Obviously everyone already knows this, including me but I’ve never really actually tried it. So this week I continued after last week’s success (measured by how much better I feel in general not how “good” or otherwise my running is). 

Monday was back to track. The session was 9 x 600. Better as no preceding 1k so I could keep up for the whole thing (near enough). Having not run at all on Sunday I felt much better. Mentally as much as anything. 

On Tuesday I snuck in an easy 5 miler before Core and Stretch class as the weather looked better than on Wednesday which was when I had planned to do it. C&S was being covered and was a little more gentle and more stretchy as usual which was perfect. 

Having done my easy run on Tuesday I only had weights to do on Wednesday evening. I decided to test out my caffeine here after its failure to help on Saturday. 

Never have I been so sweaty

One of the classees, who has been going for about 10 years, said it was the hardest class she’s ever done. She was probably right. I was too sweaty to tell. I don’t know if that can be attributed to the caffeine. Of course I couldn’t sleep later but I knew that. I definitely felt the caffeine helped this much more than the running.

Thursday was Hove Park intervals in the evening. My legs were very tired from the sweaty mega-pump which didn’t help on the hills but I still felt better than last time I did this session. I then dashed off to Withdean to lap count for the second of Tom’s 10000 races.

Dressed for winter in early August

It was freezing! Lucky I had packed ski socks and gloves along with waterproof trousers and two jumpers. I also kept my rucksack on for an extra layer of warmth. Thank goodness I wasn’t running it this year though!

Rest on Friday.

Off to Worthing on Saturday for parkrun. Another go on the caffeine. As good/bad as any parkrun I’ve done recently. I was beaten by a small black dog wearing a hi vis baseball cap. 

This morning (Sunday) I did an interval session of 6 x 1 minute fast, 2 minute jog followed by 4 x short sprints. 

Nothing now until track tomorrow evening.

Definitely feeling better for doing less and managing to eat more. Let’s hope I can keep it up with fewer sessions but each done properly and with a purpose. Also I like this short and fast type of training. I should stop doing things that give me an objective time (I’m talking about you parkrun) as they’ll just make me compare myself to my self of old but parkrun is handy as a tempo run and I like seeing my running friends. No races on the horizon though so I can just concentrate on enjoying the kind of training I like and being sensible and not overdoing it and, who knows, I might become good again with renewed confidence gained from doing something I like, not knackering myself out and eating more.


Posted 06/08/2017 by Isobel Muir in Running

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