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Surprisingly this week started on Monday. Which meant track. Thankfully Bob was back so the session actually had breaks. Only 30s between reps but better than nothing. 800, 600, 400, 200 tempo (x 3). Two minutes between sets. Each rep to be faster than the last. I started in a group of four but alas Rick became injured, John defected to Teo’s group then Steve also became injured (or my great beauty just scared them all off) so I was left to battle on alone. This was fine as this session plays more to my strengths (short). I feel like I’m getting back a bit more towards days of old. It’s only taken five years…

Tuesday was the slightly more restful Core & Stretch. Except it’s BLOODY HARD. I’m so inflexible and legs always tired from running so it’s still rather draining. But it’s not running so must count for something?

I decided not to do weights on Wednesday as that definitely ruins the legs and I wanted to try and give the Adur Challenge a decent go on Thursday. It was a sunny but extremely windy evening when I left home to try and cycle there (soooooo windy) but once I arrived the sun had gone in and it was really rather chilly. Hoorah for an English summer! As this is a handicap event everyone starts at different times. I was set off somewhere in the middle. I was then overtaken by four people in the first mile. Oh dear. There was a headwind in both directions in the traditional style. 

Wondering how 5.8 miles could be so far (approx 2 miles in) Thanks Bob for the photo

Not my finest run but I did it and didn’t sulk too much. The new course was much better with no mud or sliding down riverbanks. Tara’s handicapping skills were good too as most people came in in a group. This is a great event and just what I needed (I was supposed to be doing Tom’s 5000 but couldn’t face it). 

The intrepid Adur Challengers (I’m hiding as usual – think I can see my foot …)

I rested on Friday because I’m really sensible these days. 


I had planned to do a track session on Saturday morning to stop me from going to parkrun and then becoming annoyed at my inevitably slow time. Also I’m supposed to be trying to get faster at short stuff (mile) so I’d decided 6 x 300 at mile pace would be good. I had the track all to myself (after a boy had been shouted at by an old man during my first three reps). The focus was on keeping my form and running a consistent 20s per 100. I did this perfectly for all 6 reps! What the!! It was rather windy on all three sides (somehow) so this was especially pleasing. Of course this is only session one and 300 metres is hardly a mile but still an encouraging start. I then fell off the sensible wagon by going and doing Preston Park parkrun though actually it was good. Consistently paced and not too hard in either effort or leg. Maybe this is the way forward? I suppose as I’d already done my session it meant there was no pressure so I enjoyed it more.

This morning (Sunday) I thought I’d go out for a nice relaxed 5 just to loosen out my legs after the double yesterday. However I found myself accidentally tempoing merrily up Basin Road. I feel fine though so don’t think I’ve caused any damage.

Now I must have lunch.


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  1. Saturday sounds impressive. Good pacing for 300s. Well done.


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