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As it was a bank holiday with no official Arena track session I decided to go to the track early. It’s bound to be empty on a bank holiday morning right? Wrong. More people than early on a Saturday. Though still only two others there. My plan was to progress from the 6 x 300 I’d done the week before to 400 at the same pace but only 5 of them. I managed the first two but then struggled to finish the last three on pace. It seems that extra 100 is just a bit too much at present but as I know where I am now I can try again next time. I topped off the session with 4 x 60 metre sprints in spikes. I miss sprinting. I am so slow at the moment but that’s only to be expected having been focussed on long stuff for ten years or so now. It was fun though and I felt suitably vomitous afterwards. 

On Tuesday I went out for an easy 5. One, as a recovery run after the Achilles/calf bashing of Monday and two, as my “long run” of the week. Then I went to Core & Stretch where I discovered Toby was covering. Noooooooooo! He’s the one who takes the killer weights class. Luckily he actually did a reasonably gentle class unlike the last one he covered which was so hard. A nice easy(ish) day dans le sac.

Speaking of Toby and his exceedingly hard weights class… this time I tried to not destroy my hip flexors by overstretching them when lunging etc. Obviously this didn’t make the class any easier but I hoped it would mean my hip flexors would work better in the following days. 

It seemed to work! The Hove Park session was a series of undulations where we were supposed to work the uphills whilst jogging the downhills. Although my hip flexors did indeed feel much better than weeks past (still tired but nowhere near as ruined as before) this session was basically an undulating steady run for me. I want to focus on my track/interval sessions but also be sociable so I shall go to Thursday but choose to take it a bit easier if I want to do a specific session later in the week that I feel it would affect.

Full rest on Friday.

On Saturday I got up extra early (for me, not Sarah Sawyer style) so I could fit in an interval session before going to spectate at prom parkrun. I thought I’d do some longer reps this time so prepared for 4 x 800, aiming for 3 minutes per rep. As it was before 7am and breakfast and the last time I did these in about 3.10 I wasn’t that confident but I’d set my watch to beep after 3 minutes as I know an 800 stretch from Tom’s excellent sea front sessions. So the plan was to run as fast as possible and see how close to 800m I was at the beep. I thought my watch must be broken as I’d done the whole 800 before the beep! Then I did it again the other direction! Then I thought something must be terribly awry and scuppered my last two though even then they were probably 3.05 at worst. What the actual? Seems like my massive cut down in running and short stuff training is working. Now I just need to BELIEVE it. I threw in 4 x 60 metre ish sprints at the end but by the last one the lack of breakfast had hit with a vengeance and I jogged home feeling very sick indeed but pleased to have done this especially so early in the morning. After a quick breakfast and cup of tea I cycled down to the prom to watch the parkrunners in action.

Preparing to take some rubbish action shots

My best photo. Wonky and Val was too fast to capture. Ant need not worry

I contemplated doing another easy 5 this morning (Sunday) but didn’t really fancy it so decided not to. That’s part of my new regime. To not run if I don’t really feel like it as in my case it’s not because I’m lazy but rather that my body is telling me to rest. I have also put on approx 2kg as I’m much better at eating with less running. Let’s say it’s muscle and strength that’ll help my short stuffing rather than my first step on the road to becoming a sumo wrestler. 


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