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I managed to find out what track was going to be before I got there so was able to prepare myself. It was 800sband 300s which are more my sort of thing do I was confident I’d be able to do it some sort of justice. As Rick has gone to the dogs I was forced to go with a faster group than I’d usually choose. However I thought I shouldn’t be too far adrift due to the nature of the session. 5 x 800t (30s) 300f. Rob helped me in the first few but then left me after he could see I was trying but wasn’t very speedy. I tried throughout which is, as always, my main aim so although I did fall off the back of the group a bit it wasn’t that bad. A successful start to the week. 

Tuesday was a sort of rest day. Just Core and Stretch to destroy me with its bendiness and my lack thereof.

A terrible failed LSR on Wednesday morning. Too windy. Too knackered from Monday. In the evening I went to weights and it was the easiest class ever! Thus it was flipping hard work but nowhere near as deadly as usual. Toby must have lost his marbles. 

Obviously the class had still destroyed me plenty enough that I couldn’t do anything fast at Hove Park on Thursday evening so I ran there and back to make it into a reasonably long hilly run which isn’t something I’d do normally. 

As captured by Rob circa 2013

I felt I must go out on Friday because it was sunny and the forecast said 1mph wind! It was a bit windier than that but definitely the lightest wind of recent times. I shouldn’t really have gone as I was still ruined from Wednesday. I do love Wednesday weights but it does ruin everything up until about Sunday. Therefore I am going to try and remember to do fast/tempo/rep stuff before Wednesday evenings. 

This I did not do this week. I went out on Saturday morning and did 5 x 4 minutes at 5k effort. I’m trying to avoid running by distance or pace whilst I’m so far off my best. This is all very well but I could feel I was slow and this was proven when I uploaded my run. Oh well, it’s all I could manage at the time. I’ll have to try it before weights next time and see if I fare any better. Or do it on a treadmill where I tend to be more successful. 

Today (Sunday) I tried to do an actual long run (over 10 miles). It was ridiculously windy (11mph? Hahahahaha). Also as I went after I watched the Berlin marathon there were too many PEOPLE everywhere. So it ended up being an unpleasant slog into a killer headwind interspersed with more pleasant wind assisted stretches with lots of tripping over dogs and people. 

40 miles for the week. That’s enough base building surely. I can’t keep up this mileage. One long run must be enough? A week, not over the course of my lifetime. Though that would be preferable. 


Posted 24/09/2017 by Isobel Muir in Running

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