A dis arse terous start   Leave a comment

I love a good pun. Shame that one is so awful then eh? 

Having rested on Sunday I was ready for track on Monday (even though I knew it would be an impossible Steve session). After warming up with the man himself I saw the board (with the session written on it) and immediately ignored his paces as they were once again impossible to attain. However I was looking forward to doing the session at paces that would work for me. It was 2 x 400 metres followed by 800 metres (x 5). First though it was time for the official warm up and that was it. I think it was the sideways stepping thing that did it but something disastrous happened in my hip/buttock so I could no longer walk. Or hop. Or stand on both legs. Or sit down. Luckily I hadn’t cycled there so got a lift home with Michelle. I had to actually crawl up the stairs. I think this is the first time I’ve been stopped dead by injury. It was not pleasant. My only hope was as it was some sort of nerve pinch, once unpinched it would be ok. As soon as I got up the stairs I got the hot water bottle on it. I remained calm throughout so all my practice is paying off. By Tuesday I could weight bear on my leg so progress but it was still very painful but I could cycle to work and managed to sit. Progress! I didn’t go to Core & Stretch though as that would have been a bad idea. Anyway this is very boring indeed. So I shall continue. Fortunately I had an osteopath appointment booked for Tuesday evening anyway for my ankle so I just swapped it to emergency hip/buttock pummelling. She told me not to run for 48 hours (it was now 6pm). 

So at precisely 6.02pm on Thursday I set out towards Hove Park to not run the Arena interval session properly. This was purely a test run. Rob was also at Hove Park not running it as an interval session so we jogged round together drawing much disdain from Bob and Dan. Dan did note my traditional running style though. 

Must work on arm swing

The test was reasonably successful though I did get a lift home with Brigitte as 6 miles was plenty and the hip/bum was getting a bit highly. Running in a perfectly straight line was fine but any slight side step was NOT. 

Thus I rested on Friday as I am renowned for my great sensibleness these days. 

On Saturday I wanted to do a long run but the weather was horrendous so I decided to make use of my gym membership and use the treadmill. This meant the treadmill would probably cut out after an hour and/or I’d have to get off if someone else wanted to use it. I made it to the hour where it did indeed cut off and by then there were people on the other two treadmills so I thought I’d better leave before I was ejected for being a treadmill hog. Therefore my long run was only 7 miles. Better than nothing (or the outside) and good for the hip, due to being perfectly linear. Also I got to watch the i360 going up and down into the grey drizzle. 

This morning (Sunday) it was forecast to be hardly windy at all so I ventured into the outside world. 10 miles in the bag to finish off a 25 mile week that started very badly indeed. 

My cat and I rejoicing that I was not in fact utterly destroyed forever


Posted 08/10/2017 by Isobel Muir in Running

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