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This week Tara was in charge at track which meant I knew what the session was in advance. I much prefer this as I then know which group I need to be in and I just generally prefer to know what I’m doing in advance. ( 2 x ) 1200, 1000, 800, the last 300 of each fast. I went with Rick as usual as he is Mr Pace. I decided to try and lead out the first 1000 as I feel mean just constantly using Rick but I was far too fast and ruined it for everyone so went back behind him for all the rest. I was pleased with my effort even though I ended up a bit behind on the fast bits towards the end. 

On Tuesday it was the usual Core & Stretch class. I’m getting much better at doing it more gently which is definitely helping. I need to remember for others this is their exercise for the week whereas for me it’s supposed to be about recovery and (enforced but not forceful) stretching. 

Tuesday must also be gentle as Wednesday is now the Day of Death. The morning is the now legendary “see how far you can run at 16kmph (18.45 5k pace)” This week I continued the sensible streak by setting the treadmill to 0.5% incline (as instructed by Mo Farah) and used the one furthest from the wall as it is the least cambered of the three (wonky gym floor). Usually I use the wall one as it means I can only have people on one side. This time was the first time there were people on both the other treadmills. Eeeek! I was pleased with my ability to ignore them and just get on with the business of trying not to die. 11 minutes this time and a minute improvement even though I had done track this week which I hadn’t when I did 10 minutes a few weeks ago. I also perfected my post it note folding so I couldn’t see the screen. Next time I must try not to look under the post it until I have to decrease the speed as at the moment I look before I’m fully dead but as soon as I’ve looked I’ve ruined it and can only manage another few minutes. Anyway I was pleased with this effort. That’s what this session is about. Forcing me to put in an effort way above anything I ever manage outside (obviously the plan is to replicate it outside but whilst I’m not succeeding there currently at least I’m doing it here). 
On Wednesday evening it’s back to the gym for weights class. I have discovered how to survive it and be DOMS free (mostly) for the subsequent days. A protein shake made with a can of nurishment. This of course does not save me totally from its effects but it means I can do easy runs on Thursday and Fridays whereas before I found it almost impossible. Thus I did a slow run on Thursday and Friday. 

On Saturday the forecast looked good to continue my return to parkrun so I decided to go the prom for a good tempo on the flat. (I am currently using parkrun as my outside attempt to replicate Wednesdays’ effort.) I have yet to be successful however I have been putting in effort and it helps me practice running with people again which has been troublesome for a while now. THE FORECAST WAS A MASSIVE LIE. It was so windy. I kept up the effort but the wind ruined any hope of a good time. I’d hoped it would be possible to at least get back to the lower reaches of 21 minutes but alas not. Oh well, there’s always next week. 

Not being assisted by hurricane tailwind (thanks Nigel for letting me use the photo even though you didn’t even know I was using it)

Really enjoying the 40000 mph headwind (ditto re Nigel’s photo)

Rest day today, ready to start it all again next week. I’m getting quite a good routine going (as eagle eyed Lloyd pointed out on Strava) which is excellent as I LOVE routine. 

For Marc and Sarah and anyone else here’s today’s random drawing:


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  1. ‘eagle eye’s’ can’t see that wind tho 🤩


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