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As the forecast was for wind in the latter part of the week I decided to fit in a longish run on Monday before track in the evening. 8 easy miles. The track session was 6 x 600, 400 with the last 200 of the 400 faster and the single 400 at the pace of the 200. It was freezing and busy and I wasn’t very good. 

C & S on Tuesday was a nice break from the running and I’m still taking it gently which seems to be helping my sciatica which has been mostly dormant for a number of weeks now.

On Wednesday it wasn’t a treadmill week so I took the opportunity to not run at all. I still went to weights in the evening, having drunk a protein shake during the day to allay mega DOMS in the subsequent days. 

One of which was Thursday, where I went out for another 8 miler and did a few miles at sub 8 pace! Hallelujah to the protein shake. A few weeks ago I couldn’t even 10minute mile after a Wednesday session. It was supposed to be a slow run so usually I’ll stick to 8.30mm but I wanted to see how much the protein shake cures me and the answer is almost totally. Obviously my legs are still tired but now I can continue my week as I could after any reasonably hard session rather than needing 3 or more days just to get a semblance of leg back. 

Because I wanted to give parkrun a proper go on Saturday I rested on Friday. 

The plan was to just try so I can see where I’m actually at. I tried. I was not happy with the result. I shall keep going back until I have stopped being so useless. 

This morning I went out and practiced trying, again. It was very windy in both directions and my trying lead to yet more awful times. I am trying to remain positive but it’s difficult when REALLY trying leads to slower times than when I first started running 10 or so years ago. I am happy with the last month or so’s training so to discover I’m still so utterly rubbish is not what I hoped for. Hopefully it’s just a blip and soon I’m going to come out of the other side, everything will come together and I’ll be good once more. 

What I’d like to do to myself right now


Posted 12/11/2017 by Isobel Muir in Running

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  1. you are not ‘useless’
    your you
    and running
    and expression of
    is very inspired
    and inspiring


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