Same old same old (but with a horrible head cold)   1 comment

Oh! An incidental rhyme.

A quick whizz through this week’s activities as I’m bored of myself and also feel like death from the neck up.

Monday was track as always. This week was a good old fashioned Bob session of 5 x 1k with 30s recovery at not quite comfortable pace. I managed four good reps at approx 4.05 pace before conking out on the last one (but I was probably still about 4.15 which is better than any current parkrun pace).

Tuesday was Core & Stretch as always.

Wednesday was a good 11 miles. I need to do at least one run of this length per week if I have any hope of ever being any good again. Helped this time by a distinct lack of wind.

Weights in the evening. I dropped my weights slightly as already feeling ill and weak and knowing I had Brighton 10k on Sunday (that was only an excuse really though as it was never going to be much good). My usual weights are always far too heavy anyway (probably) so it did me good to drop them for a week. Though naturally as the weights were lighter I just did more so I don’t know why I bothered. I’d had my protein/nurishment shake though so I knew I’d be ok on Thursday anyway.

After the 11 on Wednesday I only managed 7 on Thursday morning. Long runs are too boring to do day after day. I added an extra mile by doing 8 x 200m strides with Tom’s group in the evening.

I had planned to go to Hove Park on Saturday but swapped last minute to prom as I had shoes to give to Val. I was very surprised when I ran a really easy 22.30 having tried really hard the week before and running the same time.

Somehow easily running 22.30

Today (Sunday) I did the Brighton 10k. I only signed up for this race because they were so kind with their apology and discount after last year’s race couldn’t go ahead due to storm whoever it was. Totally unprepared for it and head full of death and soreness. I just ran it as effortfully as possible, with help from Rick. The thing I hate most about my running self is when I don’t try and give up and sulk. That wasn’t today so I can only accept my rampant slowness and hope when I feel better I can start running better and once I start racing more I’ll get used to it. I’ve done no racing for ages so I’m wholly unused to it.

Rick helping me be a bit less crap than I would have been otherwise (probably)

Having lost Rick due to 10k being TOO FAR for current speed endurance levels


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