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The week started, as it so often does, with track. I got a tip off from Marc that it was a paarlauf session which is my all time favourite. It was! Oh happy day! I paired with LMC and ran with Rick who was paired with John, who was running at the same pace as her so it meant I could keep consistent with Rick pacing. After a while John, so subsequently Rick, pulled away but I tried to keep the distance between us consistent though I did tend to accidentally set off too fast to try and catch him up. Anyway over all it was an excellent session of 5 x 500, 5 x 400 and 5 x 300 metres. A great start to the week.

Thanks to Marc for this blurred-by-speed photo of the only time I was ahead of Rick

Tuesday started off with the usual Core & Stretch class. Nothing new to report. In the evening I decided to go to Tom’s session as he had kindly designed one option especially for those who missed their Sunday long run due to the Brighton 10k. 10 miles. Unfortunately it was apocalyptically windy. Also there is a reason I don’t run on Tuesday as I’m knackered from track. So really this was a very stupid idea indeed. To cut a long story (and run) short I managed the first few miles into the wind with the group, lost them on the wind behind section and bailed out at the Peace Statue as I knew there was no way I’d be able to run the 4 miles back from the Concorde 2 into the hideous headwind. The only good thing about this run is that I can get this drawing out again…

So damned windy!

After this idiotic boobery I rested on Wednesday (it was still very windy). My annoying tickly cough was morphing into a chesty one and would cause mammoth choking fits randomly which I felt would not be a good thing whilst wielding much heavy apparatus so I decided not to go to weights. A sad day indeed.

On Thursday morning I had planned to do a long run but I thought I’d rest again as I was still feeling it after Tuesday’s Tom foolery. Also I wanted to do his evening session of a simple and mercifully short 3 x 1 mile. Thus I did. As I was still feeling a bit groo I just wanted to run steadily, focussing on form and trying not to fade in the second half because I went out too fast. This was helped by Tom swapping the usual start end of the mile so we ran the return leg with the wind behind us. This meant I could go out more sensibly due to being wind-hindered. I stuck with David and Tom who I know will run sensibly. All my reps were around 6.45 which I found acceptable.

On Friday I finally managed to get a decent long run in as it wasn’t too windy and I wasn’t too tired or coughy. 11 easy miles.

On Saturday I went to the prom for parkrun as I knew I was in no fit state to give it a good go so thought I’d pace Val to sub 24. Hence 23.45 later I crossed the finish line. Alas Val had decided to go to Bevendean.

Pacing invisiVal to sub 24 (handy official 24 minute pacer joined me in the latter half)

This morning (Sunday) I wanted to get another long run in to take my total to 40 miles for the week which meant I’d need to do 10 miles. Unfortunately the phlegmy coughing yuck had really settled in so I had to bail out at 7 or face drowning in my own grossness. Never mind. A reasonable week of running all told.


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