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As it wasn’t too windy on Monday I thought it best to test the remaining level of ill with an easy run on the seafront rather than waste a non windy morning and possibly discover I wasn’t well enough for track once I arrived there in the evening. I managed an uneventful 8 miles with just a few coughs. An almost metronomic 8.30mm pace.

Buoyed by this success I decided to make the most of Tuesday also not being windy to go out for a proper long run. Disaster! I’d had a relapse and only managed 5.3 miles at just under 9mm pace. Annoying as if I’d known this would happen I’d have gone to Core & Stretch as usual instead. There was a chance for redemption though as Tom’s evening session was 3 x 1 mile + a continuous 5k to finish. I’d always planned to just do the mile reps. This time they were spread over the 5k route rather than the usual up and done at the lagoon end. This was fine but it meant the first mile was totally wind behind, the second half behind half in face and the last one fully into the wind. I was pleased with my times of 6.32, 6.40 and 6.45. Not the speediest but I really tried which is the point for me at the moment and as I still had the never ending cough I accepted that that was as good as I’d get.

I did nothing on Wednesday morning as I thought that was probably sensible after double Tuesday. I did however go back to my normal weights at class in the evening after having had to drop to half that during the lingering cold of nonsense.

I rested fully on Thursday.

On Friday I decided to have another go at the 16kmph-until-I-drop on the treadmill. 13 and a half minutes!!!! Whoop whoop!! I didn’t look under the post it until I’d slowed the treadmill as usually I look which is the kiss of death and means only a minute until I give up. This way I have to keep going as I have no clue how well or otherwise I’m doing and once I’ve stopped that’s it.

Saturday was another chance to get in a long run before Sunday descended into apocalyptic winds and severe rain. I managed 10.7 miles which will do. I wanted to do longer really but there was no point battling on past the point where I ran out of energy. Part of my new regime is being sensible and trying to do less, but enough, without killing my self. I’m doing ok so far I think.

Today I had to brave the elements to feed the beautiful Badger (cat) again and just trying to walk there and back was horrendous so goodness knows how anyone managed to run/race in it. Looks like next week is pretty crap too (except Tuesday). Blinking winter.

Alas waterproofs also don’t let water out


Posted 10/12/2017 by Isobel Muir in Running

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