Oops! Nearly forgot.   1 comment

Stupid Christmas meaning I totally forgot it’s Sunday.

Monday really WAS Christmas which means bonus parkrun! Hoorah. I did have to cycle over to Preston Park but that’s not so bad on Christmas Day as no cars. Hoopla! I tried to replicate Saturday’s success but as I’d succeeded on Saturday and run 10 miles on Sunday I was a little too tired and only managed 22.15. I still tried though and, as I never stop wanging on about, the trying is what is important at the moment. I need to remember that just because my times are not very good at the moment that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried (except when I haven’t which hasn’t been recently).

444 festive parkrunners … and a partridge in a pear tree

Tuesday was back over to Preston Park (more cars this time) for the Boxing Day Races. It was very windy but I decided to stick to my plan of going with Cathy for as long as possible (knowing she gets faster as I get slower). I stuck with her for a lap then she gradually pulled away over the next 3. Well actually I slowed down. However, again, I did try and even managed to speed up on the last lap rather than peter out and give up. Once again a slow time but I was reasonably pleased especially with my efforts up the hill (the race goes on the inside of the park now so it’s a shorter but much lumpier, off road uphill).

Never waste a step past the finish line

Some of Tom’s group post race

I took Wednesday as a rest day as the weather was too horrific to contemplate and also I was rather tired after lots of effortful running.

Thursday was much better weather wise so I took the opportunity to get a long run in. I knew the prom would be utterly rammed with people, dogs and children. It was even worse. I had always planned to run mostly up and down Basin Road to try and avoid them but I couldn’t even do the Shoreham Arm bit as they were EVERYWHERE. I managed 10 miles but it was horrendous.

As was the weather on Friday so I crossed trained by carrying a massive sack of cat litter home from Tesco (along with all my normal shopping).

On Saturday I had planned a hard parkrun, a proper plan, motivational words on Arm, the whole hog. The weather forecast was for reasonably strong winds but balmy conditions. IT LIED. IT LIED SO BADLY. I know I’ve mentioned my wind rage before but I’d actually been very good with remaining calm. Today that was ruined as it was so bloody windy it was impossible to breathe or move. A man spat and it was whipped straight into my mouth. I cannot speak any further about the hideousness of this run.

I had hoped to redeem myself (redeem isn’t the right word but hey ho) today by doing a tempo run on the treadmill. My gym was closed so I bought a PayAsUGym code for the one near me which was open. Unfortunately the treadmills were rather rickety, or rather they weren’t on a flat surface so not only very noisy to run on but very wobbly. I had wanted to do 6.55 mile pace/4.17k/14kmph but after 2k I knew it wasn’t to be today (once again I’d been doing myself a disservice on how hard my preceding week’s running had been). I found it very hard to get a proper breath in (even though my treadmill had a built in fan – so modern) and my post it wouldn’t stick and just everything combined to make it doomed to failure. However I’d paid £6 so I promised myself that I’d get to 12k (7.5 miles) even though I had to drop the pace to 12kmph. Just one of those days, but I ground it out having to look at the blasted time and distance inexorably moving onwards at a snail’s pace.

That’s that for 2017.

Roll on 2018


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  1. thanks for the weekly guarantee of running smiles Isobel – best to you in 2018


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