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Start of a new week. Start of a new year. Start of an new age category. Two cold and wet parkruns. One due to sea encroaching on land. One because it started raining. The prom one (first) wasn’t too bad as it wasn’t raining, was only gale force 5 and the sea was just about avoidable. Also I was only jogging it. Unfortunately it all went downhill from then as the gap between the two is just long enough to get cold. I cycled over to Hove Park with Tristan (who was running to make a half marathon for the day – madness). As I was now freezing I put on all my cycling clothes for the run. I tried to go a bit faster at this one but it’s always hard as my legs had seized up after the first one and I was now infernally hungry. Parma violets just don’t hack it. Rob didn’t allow any slacking though so I smashed it with an utterly mediocre time via maximum effort. New Years resolution: stop being rubbish.

On Tuesday I was looking forward to going to Jenny’s Core & Stretch class having done my usual amount of stretching over the festive period. Unfortunately Jenny wasn’t there so the class was being covered by Damon. Which meant it was too downward doggish for my stupid shoulders to cope with. Matt was also there so we spent a lot of time in child’s pose. Somehow even missing out 100000 dogs the class was really hard. Also time had ceased to progress. I seriously thought the clock was broken and was going to ask if it was a two hour class this week but it wasn’t. Longest hour I’ve ever experience. Longer than when you’re a child at school. Very strange. Luckily I exited the time/space wormhole and the rest of the day passed in a reasonable manner.

I was feeling very much knackered after all the festive racing so decided not to run on Wednesday (there may also have been 1000000 mile an hour winds that I couldn’t face). I did go to weights though. Toby decided to ease us in “gently” so we had no bar. When Toby promises the class will be “easy” or “gentle” you know it will be even worse than normal (which isn’t even possible). After a gadzillion dumbbell shoulder presses whilst side squatting off the bench along with everything else I was already ruined. Though actually that’s sometimes for the best because if I’m broken during I tend to not be so broken in the subsequent days.

I didn’t even need to test this theory as I rested on Thursday and Friday.

As my bike was having an MOT I had to run to parkrun on Saturday. I should probably do this more as it means I at least do a bit of a warm up. 2 miles there at a snail’s pace. The parkrun was once again not speedy, because I have no speed endurance at present, but it was much more consistently paced (no 6.45 first mile followed by a gradual decline in pace to stationary). Rob took on the role of motivator once more which was VERY HELPFUL. Another mediocre time but I’m getting better at sustained effort.

Here he is putting a new exerciser through his paces (Massive arm muscles artist’s impression)

Today (Sunday) I wanted to do a long run with some hills. The wind was in an unusual direction and was very strong (not unusual) so I took a different route to normal. My knee became unhappy after about 6 miles (possibly because of the hills) so I didn’t make 11 miles as I’d planned but I managed 9 and as it was hillier than normal it was probably equally hard.

A paltry 22 miles for the week but the rest probably did me good. Time to get stuck in properly again as of tomorrow.


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