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After the cross country slipathon and subsequent long run on Sunday I was somewhat destroyed so took Monday off running. My hip flexors were the most ruined. All the sideways sliding and continuous attempts to balance had killed them off. Also it was too goddamned windy again.

On Tuesday I went to Core & Stretch as it was probably exactly when my ruined legs wanted. It was, as always, NOT what my shoulders wanted. Stupid downward dog.

Due to the continuous windiness of seafront life I decided to do my tough Wednesday session on the treadmill (again). Because everyone keeps going on about treadmill being bored time did not move this time. I was supposed to do 50 minutes at 6.54 mile pace (14kmph) but as I seemed to have been on the treadmill for nigh on eternity I gave up at 42 minutes, a good 5 miles. My legs were so terribly thrashed I couldn’t get off the treadmill for ages or walk up and down the many flights of stairs my gym insists on having (so cruel). Naturally this didn’t stop me going back in the evening for weights (death) class. I dropped my weights right down which made it much easier, especially for arm things, but it couldn’t reinstate my legs.

By Thursday I had the limbs of one who has run a marathon (I have not but I’ve seen the videos of the impossibility of walking downstairs, sitting down, standing up etc) so naturally I went out for a recovery run. Absolute idiot. When I can’t jog at sub 9 minute miling I know I need serious rest. So what did I do? Run 7 sodding miles of course! The additional trouble of being too utterly broken to run is it takes bloody ages doing 7 miles at 9.30 pace.

I admitted defeat and did no running on Friday.

I then went straight back to idiocy and decided to run to Hove Park on Saturday to do a proper parkrun. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Once again I couldn’t even jog there at sub 9 pace but instead of turning back I continued, got to the park, remembered I can’t stand how busy it is (saw the tallest man ever as a brief respite from the hell), still didn’t turn back, struggled round extremely slowly and ragefully then jogged home again. Utterly stupid. Utterly pointless.

I spent the rest of the day absolutely mentally and physically drained lying on the living room floor.

This worked a treat as this morning (Sunday) I set off for a long run with the intention to abandon it if I still couldn’t run sub 9 minute miles. The first mile was comfortably sub 9 so the LSR was ON! The wind forecast was a lie (surprise) but it wasn’t totally hideous and I managed to plough through it reasonably easily. I stuck to my planned route of two laps of King Alfred to Shoreham Arm. This turned out to be a bit shorter than I hoped so I tacked an extra bit on the end to drag myself just over 14 miles.

I was quite pleased with this after the utter ruinedness of my legs during the week plus the true hellishness in all planes of Saturday. The only thing that put a downer on it is I’ve severely chafed my belly button. How and what and why??? Yowzers! It really stings.

An acceptable 36 miles for the week.


Posted 28/01/2018 by Isobel Muir in Running

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