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Having bailed out on a long run on Sunday I thought I should do something half related on Monday instead. The thought of a long run was too hideous to contemplate but I thought I might be able to manage 10 miles if I broke it into sections. After consulting the guru of long stuff I decided on 6 miles easy, 2 miles hard. It was utterly freezing, but bright and not too windy, with a few flurries of snow. I still wasn’t really up for it (whatever it was that made me bail out of Sunday was still afoot) and wanted to give up throughout so felt my fast last miles would be awful. They weren’t very good but 7.15 and 7.20 are about all I can manage at the moment. Hopefully come race day I’ll be able to eke out a bit more.

I rested on Tuesday to try and muster up some motivation.

On Wednesday I decided to attempt some fast stuff. There is a reason track season is in summer. – 3 temperatures do not help. I had a severe ice cream headache and my face was numb like I’d just been to the dentist. I tried to break into sprint mode but it was not happening. I managed some as-fast-as-slow-twitch-fibres-allow 200 metre (actually 35 seconds as programmed into watch) “sprints”. Although they were not in any way fast it was good to do some up on toes, fast stuff as I haven’t for months. I have to start somewhere and freezing, slow, February is as good a time as any. It can only get better from here on in.

I knew my sides and achilles would be dead on Thursday after my foray into fast so I did an easy run. It was eerily unwindy. Still freezing though.

More rest on Friday. I’m definitely feeling better for not having been to the gym for a few weeks but I want to still rest more but put more into my training sessions.

On Saturday I went out for a short jog just to wake up my legs ready for Worthing half on Sunday. It was horrifically windy, freezing and sleety. The wind kept threatening to trip me up by blowing my lifted foot into the other. Danged weather!

Today (Sunday) was the Worthing half. Tom managed to take these photos where I look like a real runner (wind behind, mile 3 or so). End of report.

Another almost 40 mile week. Hurry up decent weather so I can get some speed back. Many thanks.


Posted 11/02/2018 by Isobel Muir in Running

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