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Because the half was so hard and horrible I decided to try and do some serious resting. I made it to Thursday which is pretty good for me. This was helped by windy and wet weather. On Thursday I wanted to try a tempo run but after a mile or so I realised I still wasn’t recovered from Worthing so I stopped the tempo after two miles and just carried on for a while at an easy pace. The first run back after a rest is always hard I find so it was perhaps silly to try and make it a tempo. Anyway it was out of the way so hopefully I’d be ok for the next day.

As my tempo legs were obviously out of action I decided to do some fast stuff on Friday. A repeat of the 8 x 200 I did a week earlier. It wasn’t utterly freezing which helped so all my reps were much quicker and no ice cream headache.

I do like doing fast things even though it makes me feel sick. I also like thinking this is elite men’s marathon pace that I managed for 30 seconds. Also Alex and Joe’s 1500 metre pace.

On Saturday it was the Arena age graded parkrun at Preston Park. I had no desire to do a parkrun and the weather had lied and it was freezing so I just ran round to be part of it seeing as I do nothing with Arena at the moment.

I then went to Emily in the afternoon to redeem my voucher that I received for my birthday. Oh, she does sports massage now! She asked if I wanted it hard. Obviously. I rued this choice as soon as I got off the massage table and was unable to walk. Though of course I actually loved it.

This morning (Sunday) my legs were pretty much still minced (thanks Lee for the analogy) so I abandoned my plan for a long run with a fast finish and just went out to run however my legs would like. This turned out to be a speedyish first mile or so followed by a jog home. 20 miles for the week.


Posted 18/02/2018 by Isobel Muir in Running

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