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None on Monday though.

On Tuesday it was time to get back to shorter stuff training after my brief (foolish) foray into half marathon training. As it was windy (surprise!) and cold I decided on a longish warm up followed by 6 x 1k all with the wind behind. Thankfully I have a 4 mile stretch which no real roads to cross in which to do them. I (rather optimistically) decided to aim for 6.25 minute miling (4 minute k). Unsurprisingly I wasn’t able to do this pace but they were consistently 6.50 (4.15) so that’ll do for a start point.

Due to the freezing winds from the east and temperatures forecast to get progressively worse as the week marched on I swapped some of my sessions around which meant I did the 200 session on Wednesday. I upped it to 10 x 200. I tried to fit more with the wind behind but some were into it and sometimes it was side on so no escape. They were all ok but not the greatest what with inclement weather and the day after a reps session. These are really just to get my legs back moving fast so even at the slowest it’s faster than they’d ever have to move in a road race.

A 10 miler on Thursday.

An easy 5.5 on Friday.

A very tired and freezing and windy parkrun on Saturday.

Must learn to move arms whilst running

Today I watched the Brighton Half and was very pleased not to be running it. A bit Worthing style but with the wind on the final 3 mile stretch. So many people who were running shouted to me. I think that’s the wrong way round.

The weather looks like it’s going to be horrible next week which might help me not do too much (again). I feel much less tired after stopping the gym but that doesn’t mean I should overcompensate by doing too much running.

Now it’s time to watch the indoor athletics.


Posted 25/02/2018 by Isobel Muir in Running

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