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This week I was determined to finally do a balanced week of training. I started well by resting on Monday.

On Tuesday I joined Rob at the track to do some proper fast stuff. Turns out my fast isn’t very fast at the moment but I enjoyed putting on my spikes and attempting to sprint. Hopefully if I kept this up once a week I’ll get some proper speed back. Also I must stop comparing myself to Rob who is the Usain Bolt of Withdean. A mixture of 200s and 100s to get the legs moving. Please can someone tell me why Rob takes a thousand steps to every one of mine? Am I in fact a giraffe (of leg only)?

Who knew this ancient drawing would ever be apt?

On Wednesday I broke from the norm and went over to Lancing to recce a 5k course that runs on Sunday, parkrun style. I learnt about it via Michael Rix and he kindly offered to show me the route so I could then do it for real on Sunday with less anxiety. He said we would be running with “a young lad called Michael who is training for his first marathon” who turned out to be Mike who I already know, who has already done about 8 marathons! Anyway this was good as I didn’t have to be extra nervous. We ran the Lancing course to begin with then carried on to make 10 miles altogether. Michael said we must speed up at the end and this we did. Unfortunately I was trapped within a phalanx of bicyclists for the first bit so got left behind but I still upped the pace for the last 300 metres or so. It was good to do a different route, in company and even some sunshine.

I rested again on Thursday. Sprints followed by a long run equals limbs of doom (unsurprisingly).

On Friday I had planned a k reps session. THE WIND FORECAST LIED. Each rep was to be run first 500 into the wind. This is standard practice of course but the wind was so windy it was impossible to move on the outward leg so when I turned round I was too dead to make use of the tailwind. I wanted to give up immediately but I slogged it out.

After this I had another rest on Saturday. I felt an easy jog would tire me out whilst delivering no real benefits. Sticking to the sensible.

Today it was time to do the Lancing 5k in real life. I set off on my bike on the previously uncharted route to Lancing Beach Green car park. I decided to try this 5k because at the moment my rampant anxiety and paranoia means running with people I know is a struggle sometimes so I hoped this would be quiet and contain no-one I knew. Correct. The actual course is very narrow, twisty and turny and full of Sunday promenaders just going about their business thus rather crowded. There were only about 30 runners and we strung out almost immediately so this wasn’t a problem but due to all the general public there was a lot of weaving and eye peeling to make sure there were no collisions. I arrived at the finish line unscathed having achieved what I wanted which was to run the whole course with no slumpjogging and to finish fast in the Rix-style which I’m incorporating into all my runs.

The success I mentioned in my title relates to doing, what I think is, the right balance of training for me. One long run, one reps session, one pure speed session and one tempo/longer endurance type session. This week I was feeling under the weather (what a stupid phrase, everyone is under the weather all the time) so the faster runs were more of a struggle than they should have been but I hope that once I feel 100% I might be able to start hitting some more acceptable times.

So that’s that for this week. I hope to be able to report similar tales of success again next Sunday.

Adios (as my shoes would say).


Posted 11/03/2018 by Isobel Muir in Running

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