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It started off gently enough with a rest day on Monday.

On Tuesday I had planned to do a 5 mile threshold run at 7.37 mile pace as predicted by the VDOT app based on my Lancing 5k time of 22.18.

As you can see I was unsuccessful. Except in mile 2 where I slowed down specially. You will also note it is only 4 miles. This is because the arm was closed off for replenishment of the coastal defences. However this is probably better as I was reading something that said tempo effort should be between 20 and 40 minutes and this was near enough 30. I mustn’t tire myself out just because I feel that I “should” do higher mileage. Anyway this looks promising as I had to slow myself down to do the only threshold pace mile.

Wednesday was a trip to track. I haven’t been for ages due to inclement weather. Paul was going too so I got a lift so didn’t have to cycle in the remaining strong winds. Thanks Paul! I had plans for a 200 parlauf using three people. However there were 4 of us and we avoided half f the track because some men were fixing the hammer cage and we didn’t want to get in the way or trip over their cables which were stretched across the track. This meant we had to use our combined brainpower to work out how to do a 200 parlauf back and forth. We cracked it and did 5 x 200 each, which meant going the wrong way up the 200 metre stretch. After a break we did another 5, starting at the opposite end so we’d do the same number the right way as the wrong way. Unfortunately our almighty 4 brains had obviously fallen out as we managed to start it incorrectly which meant Gary had to set off on his own. It worked out ok in the end but jeeeeez how can it be so complicated? Especially as we did it perfectly the first time. It inspired me to make this so I can plan future sessions. (I tried it today [Sunday]) and my mind was fried with its complicated ness. It’s 400 parlauf from now on.)

I’ll keep it secret who represents who

Rob failing to understand the intricate workings of his phone

Success! After only 50 to 60 failed attempts…

I liked this session even though I was very slow and it was very windy in both directions. Donned my spikes for the second set of 5.


I arrived home and was immediately struck by the unmistakable first stage of a migraine. Kaleidoscopic flashing lights in front of the right eyeball (actually in the brain but it seems to be in the right eye). It was a long, painful, vomitous 6 hours.

This meant Thursday was spent in a spaced out, queasy, post-migraine hangover. Horrible. As the forecast was for a freezing, snowy weekend I decided to attempt Tom’s evening session.


Something else happened on Thursday. There was a massive fire very near my house.

Somehow, even though my house it approximately 300 metres away, there was no smoke to be seen. It appeared to have been blown straight up and over. The bottom photo shows my route from home to Tom’s session, which is held just out of shot to the left.

Anyway, back to the action (as if my running is more action than a MASSIVE FIRE). Tom’s session was 8 x 600m. He set up the route so there was a short stretch into the wind followed by a longer stretch with the wind behind. (Strangely [I’ve just realised] the smoke was still blowing inland and away from us even though the wind seemed to be blowing straight west along the seafront.) The fire was still burning, there was an eerie orange glow. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to complete the whole session as I wasn’t feeling very well and hadn’t eaten properly after the full day of no eating on Wednesday and the attendant queasy Thursday. Thankfully I only began to lag on the last two reps and they still weren’t too bad, just a little slower.

Running back through the smoke there were still plenty of people watching the fire from the top road. As it was raining the smoke was much lower and quite stinging of eye.

On Friday I went out for a long run to make sure I’d done everything before the onslaught of winter due at the weekend. Thankfully it was sunny and warm and not too windy. The smoke was now very low slung and choking but contained within a 200 metre radius of the fire site so I only had to run through it right at the start and finish. I got my first tan lines of the year which was even better seeing as Saturday and Sunday were full on winter with snow and strong freezing winds. I’d scheduled this as a rest weekend, hence the cramming of everything into Thursday and Friday even though I still felt pretty ill after migraine.

Another pleasing week of training, covering the 4 runs I feel I need to do each week to keep me on track (no pun intended). If it ever stops being winter and there are no more hideous migraines or conflagrations then hopefully I can start stepping it up a bit and moving towards acceptable 5k speeds.


Posted 18/03/2018 by Isobel Muir in Running

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