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Hopefully not the one to ruin.

Monday started with a different pump instructor. Not my type. Luckily there’s a different one next Monday so I’ll try him out next. As I said before the beauty of The Circle is the range of times, days, classes and instructors. I’m sure to strike gold soon enough with my perfect combination of person, class, time and day.

In the evening I went over to Lewes to help officiate at vets league. Arena were in charge of marshalling the ladies shot put and long jump.

I, Brigitte and Paul, best measurers in the land

I do wish I had been able to compete but also it was nice to be able to help and to watch some of the races. My highlight was Brigitte and Michele in the 4 x 200 relay. Brilliant! Perfect baton handover between them too. Watch out Bolt, your replacements are here!

I went out extremely cautiously on Tuesday as I didn’t want to fall over again and my legs were very tired after BODYPUMP™️ which I think is what caused me to fall over last time. I was very slow indeed but remained upright so a great success.

On Wednesday I went to visit my mother which I haven’t done for a few years. Tsk! Bad daughter. We ate, drank, laughed and ranted just like always. Her cat bit me. All was as usual.

Don’t be fooled! This fluffy stomach is a trap and you WILL be bitten. Obviously I succumbed. Could YOU resist that utter fluffiness?

The trains even behaved perfectly both ways.

On Thursday it was back to business with a trip to vibe. Bryan had not learnt and thought that, because there were a lot of people in the class, he could safely split it and join group 1 and have two whoop groups. Wrong! As always those who sit to the left of the door, whoop group 2, are not the whooping types so off went group 1 merrily whooping, followed by the deathly silence of group 2. Even with all his cajoling there was not a sound to be heard. Maybe one day he’ll learn, or a whooper will accidentally sit on our side. I avoided the arm waving too in the traditional style, towel to face. I was so very knackered at this one.

I had another round of acupuncture booked for Friday so went out for a quick (but not quick) 4 miles just in case the acupuncture killed me as much as last time. It did not. It was completely fine. Maybe because this time I didn’t get a needle in the portal of evil doom in the sole of my foot.

It was the Arena parkrun series at Worthing on Saturday so what better way to start my comeback than with a slow, progressive run starting from the back(ish)? It was very windy on the way out so I kept it slow (no choice really) with the intention to try and push it on the way back. My total lack of running fitness became apparent when I couldn’t get faster after my initial increase of pace after the cone. I could see Marc ahead of me so just tried to stay the same distance behind him.

Looking like a mad person just before the turn. Thanks Danny for the photo

Worst placing ever!

As it was so busy due to it being Worthing’s 100th and Kelly Holmes being there I had to queue to cross the line which added approx 20 seconds. I was pleased with this as there wasn’t even a grumble from the achilles. It’s amazing how it’s gone from disaster to almost completely fine in the space of a week or so.

Kelly Holmes obviously can’t wait to join Arena

Today (Sunday) I went out for another progressive. It was very windy indeed so I made sure I did my first two miles into the wind so I could do the fastest three with the wind behind.

Something to improve from

This killed me thus I must keep it up to get faster. No one has ever moved as slowly as I did trying to get back home into the wind. Somehow I ran 20 miles this week! Now I can get stuck in to getting some speed back but I’m going to keep a BODYPUMP™️ and vibe spin class in my weekly repertoire and try and keep runs to a minimum but keeping each as a quality session. Let’s see how that goes…


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