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Monday started, as it so often does these days, with BODYPUMP™️. I had made a late entry to the Arena 3000 that evening so went light. I’m not sure that really helps as it just means one can complete all the reps which sometimes doesn’t happen with the heavier weights. I must remember it’s MY class so I can do whatever the heck I like in it. I KNOW it’s a complement to my running so I don’t need to go all Arnold Schwarzenegger on my ass. Luckily it wasn’t too leggy either.

I had plans for the 3000. Which were immediately ruined by my own foolishnesses. I did however concentrate throughout and keep pushing and threw in a full 100 metre sprint finish for my own amusement so not a complete disaster but lots to work on for next time.

Retro vest and too short shorts

A big PW but acceptable for this stage of my return to form

The obligatory post-race team photo

I rested on Tuesday. Sticking to the first of my scheduled two days of rest per week,(so far). I was supposed to stretch and roll too but I didn’t do that. Tsk.

However I did on Wednesday, after an easy almost-6 in the morning, in preparation for the magic mile in the evening. I decided I wanted to do both miles so that, no matter what happened, it would be a tiny rep session. The slower race went first. I was watchless so had no idea how I did except from basing it on the girl who was first who usually does about 6.40. Which she did. Precisely.

Obviously I didn’t know this at the time

Run 1. Pacerless

For the second race Rob paced me. I hoped I might do sub 7.20 having guessed I’d done about 6.50 for the first one.

With help from the elite pacer (don’t know what I’m doing with my face). Thank you to Stewart Gregory for the excellent photographs

I felt stronger in the second one (for the faster runners) as the first one must have loosened my legs out. I couldn’t muster a sprint finish but felt a lot better in the last 400 metres (Rob paced that bit in both so it can’t have been that).

A very surprising sub 7. Thanks to Rob’s pacing

I was very pleased by my evening’s work, even before the results came out an hour or so later. Props to Karl for always getting the results out before I’ve even got home. I didn’t really think is he able to do two sub 7s and it was rather windy.

It was off to vibe as usual on Thursday but DISASTER! It wasn’t Bryan. So disappointing. Not a whoop to be heard (except a miniature one that slipped out from one of his regulars – no, not me). I think others must have had a tip off as the class was quite empty without his usual fan club. The class was fine just not what I was expecting. May be for the best after 3 races in the preceding days.

On Friday I had a Proto massage. A bit of calf but mostly shoulders to try and counteract my T. rex running style. This is my second scheduled rest day of the week. Check out my sensibleness!

Worthing was the venue for this week’s parkrun. The wind was the wrong way round but it’s good to practice my weaknesses so a windy 3k return was just the ticket. I so died! However I had no watch so didn’t know the extent of my death. I had absolutely no idea of my finishing time. Other than “slow”.

The upward trend continues

Not a great time but better than I suspected and than it felt like with the complete death in the last mile into the hot hurricane.

Today I felt it was time to get back on the long runs. 11 miles before it got too hot meant leaving the house before 7am (as close as I’ll ever get to a Sawyer start time).

Slow and steady wins the race. Except it obviously doesn’t but as this wasn’t a race it was fine

A mammoth 24 miles for the week!

Football match number 487656 to watch now. Bye!


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