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Monday started the week, as it often does. Which meant track. A good session this week. (3 x) 1000, 800, 600, with last 300 of each faster. 90s recovery. I even led one of the 1000 reps. Pleasing.

As I’m still trying to do at least 30 miles a week (which is tricky when I can’t seem to do more than 6 miles at a time) I went out for a short and easy run on Tuesday morning. In the evening Tom was holding a 5k race to say farewell to Dionysis who is going back to Greece (in fact he’ll be back there now). I hoped to be able to run a better time than my recent parkruns and indeed I did, clocking 22.05.

Hid my shoes behind my back forgetting my socks were in plain sight

Another easy run on Wednesday morning, 6 miles this time. In the evening I managed to kill myself in vibe. Again. Why is it so difficult not to die in Bryan’s class?

Dragged myself out for 4 miles on Thursday morning. Somewhat broken and cricked of neck which didn’t help. Come evening it was off to bodypump which I hoped might uncrick my neck. It didn’t but it didn’t aggravate it at all. My poor legs though! I’d dropped back down to my normal weight (it’s amazing how much harder it is with a mere 2.5kg extra) but the squat track was a wobbling yikes fest. Then later lunges and more squats. Crikey indeed!

Thank goodness for Friday rest day.

Saturday was so utterly freezing. Seemingly even worse after last Saturday being over 20 degrees. It was the Arena parkrun superseries in Peacehaven. It really liked the course but the run was spoilt somewhat by thinking my nose may die and fall off, along with my fingers, ears and face. I felt like I was running rather well considering but was actually exceptionally slow.

Two feet off!

Trying to pretend we weren’t all dying of hypothermia

Today (Sunday) I finished the week with an easy 5.5 miles to ensure I broke the magical 30 miles a week barrier.

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Lots of not very much   3 comments

I decided to see what running to MDWAP was like. Val had managed 17 miles of it once and remained alive so I thought I should be able to manage one chapter. The chapter length lent itself to 4 miles. I remained upright and unsectioned. A success.

In the evening I went to track, mainly to collect my trophy. I feared I wouldn’t be able to do anything fast after the spaghetti incident had made my torso feel like I’d done 10000000 sit ups. I was correct. Luckily (for me) Paul and Tristan were just jogging round so I joined them. A shame as the weather was perfect for a good hard session but no matter. It was equally good for another slow run.

On Tuesday I set off for a long run, then became too bored to make it past 9.

I was determined to make it past 30 miles this week so set off again on Wednesday morning. I only managed 6 miles. I don’t seem to have any staying power with long runs at the moment. Or any speed for short runs. The perfect combination!

I was aware that I had had no rest day since last Friday so didn’t have a rest day on Thursday. No run in the morning but bodypump in the evening. I went back to my normal weights to try and give my thrashed legs a break. I didn’t give my thrashed legs a break.

Another 6 miles on Friday.

Saturday was Hove Park parkrun again. I was rubbish again.

Today (Sunday) was the Arena 10k. I was on cup duty. Luckily it wasn’t windy so I didn’t need to sprint back and forth on the seafront chasing errant receptacles. My cupping skills are unparalleled. I did however boil to death as, once again, I assumed it couldn’t be THAT hot. It could, and was.

Just scraped 34 miles for the week.

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On Monday I decided to try and help Rick with some fast 400s as he always helping me by pacing the longer reps. The session was (3 x) 1k (1m), 700m, 100j, 400f. Helping Rick meant I had to keep up the pace in the 400s whereas usually I’d probably die off in the middle. I don’t know if I was actually that helpful for Rick but it helped me at least.

I rested on Tuesday. Then I made a terrible (in hindsight) error. I ate the free edamame spaghetti we got at the Bright10. It did not agree with me.

This ruined my plan to run on Wednesday morning but I did go to vibe on Wednesday evening.

Same for Thursday. No run, bodypump in the evening.

Another rest on Friday.

I wanted to have a proper go at Hove Park parkrun on Saturday but it was not to be. It took a kilometre to get the vibe and pump out of my legs and then stomach ache set in. DAMN YOU SPAGHETTI.

Today (Sunday) I managed 6 miles but the last one was hindered by the return of the stomach ache. Sorry spaghetti if it was just a coincidence but you shall never be eaten by me again. Though all the “action” has given me abs of steel.

Somehow I still did 15 miles for the week.

Roll on next week. Spaghetti free.

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Ran out of imagination for the title.

Gah, I’ve done too much, for typing purposes, again.

Monday track. 5 x 1200 broken into tempo, faster sections. I put in the effort but felt pretty snotty and feeble.

On Tuesday I made the stupid mistake of going to Tom’s session even though I was too ill. The session would have been perfect, 4 x 2500m, but I was too tired and cold. I managed to stop after two as I was seriously flagging so hopefully I didn’t do too much damage.

On Wednesday I went out for an old skool LSR with Rob. I was utterly knackered and then Rob fell over. Turns out he is the king of the long surface graze. Not one of our finest efforts.

Before it all went wrong

In the evening I went to vibe. I managed/was forced through decrepitude to take it a bit easier.

On Thursday I did nothing until pump in the evening. Rick made us all add pink weights to our normal squat weights. So little additional weight, so much additional death. I decided to keep it on for the chest track too. Then realised I was a fool and went back to normal thereafter.

I actually rested on Friday.

I went to Hove Park parkrun on Saturday just to see how Rob’s many injuries were getting on. I did run too but didn’t strive for anything as I knew I had Bright10 to contend with on Sunday.

Which was today. Because my racing is upsetting currently as I’m so far off form I have become Val’s personal pacer. After her excellent sub 24 parkrun last week I discovered I like pacing (not sure how Val feels about it!) and it’s the perfect way to do a race without disappointing myself. Val had agreed to let me decide on the pace without her knowing so she couldn’t put herself off thinking it would be too fast. I had planned to stick as closely to an 8.30mm average pace which would take us to 1.25. Which would be a 6 minute chunk off Val’s time from last year. Small disaster after about 400 m when my best socks decided to fail and fall into my shoe. I sent Val on ahead whilst I hoisted them up, then had to sub 6 to catch her up. Thankfully from then on all went well. Val is excellent at pacing herself and knows exactly what she needs to do so I was mainly an incessantly jabbering fool who carried the water and fed lucozade tablets on demand. All the way we were ahead of pace and at no stage did I let on to Val by how much she was going to destroy last year’s time. By the last two miles I was struggling to keep with her.

Perfectly synchronised two feet off

My best angle

Val cruising to a 7 minute plus pb

World class spectating and photographing posse. Thank you Rob and Tristan

First time over 30 miles for the week in ages.

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