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Track attack! Well just track actually. It was the session that Bob likes to call 8 x 800 which really isn’t. A) It’s all in lane 2 so at least 816 metres B) We add 10 metres each time but must complete the rep in the same time as the first “800” C) It just isn’t. Anyway pedantry aside it was a good session, especially the middle two reps where I became Mo Farah briefly and zoomed off. All reps completed as instructed by Bob. Success.

Tuesday rest day.

I thought I’d get back on the 3 x 9 minute efforts on Wednesday as I should be fresh from my day of. However I found it quite hard. It was very windy and cold and I often find it difficult to get going after a full day of nothing. Though I must remember it’s the effort that counts so even if it’s extra slow, as long as I’ve put in the work, I can’t really complain (though of course I will). Added bonus, as I was tired by vibe time, I didn’t completely kill myself.

Thursday was a cram in the lamb day. I set off early to fit in a 5k TT. Somehow it was progressive. It wasn’t supposed to be. It didn’t feel like I was going really slowly at the start but looking at the data afterwards it was clear I started very slowly but built up to what should be my 5k pace by the end. An acceptable run. I then had to dash off to the inaugural Paul’s Ping Pong. Since making our own bats and net at Runners Need and playing on the tiny, low slung bench trainer-buyers sit on I have liked it but I’d never played on a proper table tennis table. I was pretty rubbish but enjoyed it. Especially the VIOLENCE of thrashing the ball at Robin squared. I didn’t mind that the ball missed the table by miles on these murder attempts.

A shame I can only add stills as the video shows my perfect thrash-and-pirouette immediate point-loss technique

An excellent way to spend a few hours. In the evening it was off to pump. It was being covered this week by someone who had forgotten his kit so took the class wearing hipster cropped trousers and boat shoes. He did a few tracks/exercises I haven’t done before which was good. Though my back and shoulders were utterly destroyed.

On Friday I did a very short, easy run to loosen up after a busy Thursday.

Although the forecast wasn’t great for prom parkrun I felt like I could give it a good go so off I went. I started off sensibly after my foolish attempt to stick with Rick at the 10k the week before. I hoped for 22 minutes and went through halfway dead on 11 minutes.

#twofeetoff into the wind (23 pacer behind)

I crossed the line in 22.09 so one of the most evenly split runs I’ve ever done. Not fast but very pleasing that my brain allowed me to actually run properly. Also the weather was horrible so even more reason to find the time acceptable.

Today (Sunday) I rounded off the week with an easy 6 miler. I foolishly went out too late so the seafront was rammed with people and dogs. Thank goodness I wasn’t trying to do anything fast or structured.

A good week all told, containing 33 miles of running.

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Monday was so long ago I can’t even remember it but my running diary tells me I went to track and did 7 x 1k (700t, 300f). There were supposed to be 6 but I felt good so threw in another one. I would have done even more but my chauffeur was waiting.

Tuesday was pretty windy so I set off into the wilds of Hangleton again. I tried to change my route slightly so as not to make my run too long as I wanted to do Tom’s session in the evening. Alas this meant I got trapped in the crescents and cul de sacs of deepest Hangle. I suddenly appeared somewhere slightly unexpected, but recognised, so ended up going a mile or so further than planned. A nice easy pace though.

Unexpected item in bagging area.

Tom had had to move his session due to the stones on the prom but unfortunately the bit he’d chosen was also very stony. Fortunately though this meant we ended up doing mile reps in the right direction so we had the wind behind on the way back. I did find it rather crowded though so started right at the back so as not to get caught up in it. Monday had probably caught up with me (along with stones, wind and people) as I was quite slow (though maybe I wasn’t as I didn’t time them) but I put in the effort so that has to count as a success.

I didn’t run on Wednesday morning which meant I had fully killed myself 10 minutes into vibe in the evening. No matter how hard I try to pace myself it’s impossible. If I’ve run in the morning it’s easier as my legs are already tired so I can’t dive straight in to full on death cycling.

Accurate rendering by Rob

On Thursday the weather wasn’t so windy so I took the opportunity to run on the flat. The wind was the opposite way to usual which meant I could run towards the marina first, making a change from my usual yawnfest Basin Road route. I was listening to a Running Commentary podcast, I don’t know if that’s why, and found myself on the undercliff. I feared I’d keep running east until I could run no more but luckily there was a massive puddle across the full width of the path so I was forced to turn round as I didn’t want soaked and chalky-clayy feet. Conveniently this meant I’d run just over 10 miles by the time I got home (I even outran the podcast). Pump in the evening was a joy for the quads.

I then rested for two full days ready to be rubbish at the Brighton 10k today. Mission accomplished.

34 miles for the week.

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A slightly different Monday morning this week. Laura, from Tom’s group, had invited me to go to a Scaravelli yoga class in Hangleton. I hadn’t heard of this type of yoga before so looked it up. I much preferred it to the various yogas I have tried over the years. I did manage to get stuck in a shoulder stand right at the end though.

17 hours in

On Tuesday it was the start of the windy weather so I decided to go out and do some hills having not done any for centuries (so it felt). As I suffer from severe wind rage doing hills makes sense as there can be no focus on pace so it doesn’t matter how slow I am as I can blame both the hills and the wind. I took on board what I learnt whilst listening to a Running Commentary podcast, that I shouldn’t be doing long runs just to get them over with but should try and do them for the point of them and try and remain present within them rather than wishing they were over. Somehow I managed 10 miles so it must have worked.

The wind was still thrashing and after Tuesday’s unexpected 10 I didn’t run in the morning and just went to vibe on Wednesday evening.

Due to the perseverance of the wind I went for another hilly run on Thursday morning. I went and had a look at a new hilly loop that goes up King George VI but down Woodland Avenue instead of Woodland Drive. It was much better as Avenue is nice and wide and you can see the driveways whereas Drive isn’t and there’s always the fear of being mown down by someone coming out of their drive. Also I’ve yet to fall over on Avenue (seeing as that was the first time I’ve run it). 8.5 miles this time and a faster average pace even though I wasn’t putting in any more effort (as little as possible) than Tuesday. Bodypump in the evening as usual.

A full rest day on Friday in preparation for more hills on Saturday. Though it was only a jog of Hove Park parkrun. Rob jogged with me and it felt a lot easier than runs of the same time that I’ve done on my own. However because it was wet and mild I was bitten by the Beast of Hove Park. I thought I’d got away with it this year but alas not. Luckily it’s quite high up my shin so the massive swollen shiny tightness isn’t impeding any joints or making it impossible to fit my shoe on (or swell my knee up to unbendable proportions as it did to Val).

The Beast strikes again

As usual I didn’t feel it at the time but discovered it once ensconced in the first of two charity bodypump classes. Rob was unaffected as The Beast obviously has great taste so only goes for juicy lady leg.

I decided to rest today (Sunday) as it was still windy and I’ve done enough hills this week and extra pump so must rest. I didn’t quite make it to 30 miles but 27 will do especially as at least 20 were hilly.

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Why is it that I always do so much? I don’t feel like I have but then I come to do this and there’s so ruddy much to write about!

So let us begin, as always, with Monday. Because I’m trying to rack up a minimum of 30 miles a week I did a nice easy run in the morning. In the evening track was a dream come true. 12 x 500 parlauf style. What could better? Nothing. A good rep length, a long recovery (as long as you remember not to pair with someone really fast), and I fluked the leg where you can cut cross behind the goalposts to get to the next start point. Though this isn’t so great when a football team is warming up. Favourite track session for ages even though my legs gave up somewhere around rep 8 (good as usually my lungs give out long before my legs even get a look in). Bob even praised me a few times. He must have been ill.

On Tuesday I was a little more sensible and didn’t run in the morning. This was because I knew Tom’s session of 10 x 800 was going to be hard and I wanted to do it properly. For possibly the only time ever I managed to set off at a sensible pace so I could complete all 10 with no severe loss of pace towards the end. In fact even Tom said I did well. Two lots of praise in two days.

Sensibleness prevailed again on Wednesday morning. In the evening it was Halloween vibe. So in fact vibe. I did draw whiskers on my face with permanent marker and put my cat ears on as Bryan had asked for fancy dress but it turned out to be just him and a woman who’d gone for it. Thus I, for once, looked like the least of the party poopers. Because I hadn’t run in the morning I was able to fully destroy myself within a few minutes. Hooray! The permanent marker stayed put and the ears kept my hair out of my eyes (time for a haircut).

Same again on Thursday except this time with no whiskers or ears at bodypump in the evening. I was suffering a severe lack of coordination and really had trouble with the routines and coordination. This doesn’t usually happen. I felt like one of those people who insist on clapping even when they have no sense of rhythm. Not my finest hour (actually 45 minutes).

Surprisingly and unexpectedly I ran almost 11 miles on Friday. I was overdressed (dammit why do I believe the weather forecast) and had moderate prom rage so even more of a surprise.

Proto massage on Saturday to prepare for today which was the Gunpowder Trot. And trot I did. Nary a canter. I only went because Rob promised me tea and cake. Once more I was overdressed and got far too hot (even moving at 0mph).

My hair fell down

Snuck in 32 miles for the week. Good sessions at the start of the week and an unexpected long. Looks horribly windy next week. Oh joy.

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