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Christmas came early! I found £10 on my easy 8 miler on Monday morning. Handy as Christmas doesn’t come at all usually due to my massive bah humbug tendencies.

Actual Christmas Day did arrive but thankfully that means an extra parkrun at Preston Park.

As it was the only Brighton one on it was RAMMED so I was pleased to do 21.29 as I was too hemmed in at the beginning. Only 11 months later than I’d hoped for the sub 21.30.

On Wednesday it was back to Preston Park for the Boxing Day race. I started with Rob, who is injured, then when he had to stop I continued so it ended up as a good progressive run.

An injured Rob takes a good photograph

I rested on Thursday as the weather looked better on Friday. Another easy 8 (no £10 this time but an apt Eminem playlist accompaniment). I felt horrid and tense and eeuuurggh so I went faster than usual, but still within the bounds of easyish.

An actual real-life parkrun on Saturday. Back to the prom this time. There was a 21 pacer that I optimistically tried to stick with. Failed. But 21.31 this time so that’s three in a row smack in the middle of 21. Good. Especially as the weather forecast was a MASSIVE LIE and it was actually freezing and very windy.

I’m glad some photos now exist with #2feetoff (though I only seem to have one leg here)

This morning (Sunday) I decided I wanted to try and do some faster reps so went out for 5 x 4 minutes (to cover 1k each hopefully). Success! So that’s 6.30mm/4mk pace near enough. I died a bit on the last one but still totally acceptable in comparison to what I’d have been able to achieve a few weeks ago.

34 miles for the week and we’re almost out of Christmas hell and back to normal. Thank goodness.

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As I felt like I might be getting a cold I decided not to do anything on Monday morning and just go to track in the evening. Not because of track itself but because of the promise of mulled wine in the hut afterwards. Beforehand it was a 15 minute parlauf, alternating 300/500 metres. I paired with Rick. After a few mind bending reps (which way do I need to go 100 metres!) I settled into it. A new girl asked if she could join me after having arrived late. Turns out she plays frisbee for England! No wonder I couldn’t keep up with her, but good as it forced me to work harder than I may have done solo. I then drank some mulled wine and stuffed my pockets (on invitation from Caroline) with flapjacks and received a perfect gift.

Factual and practicool. Thanks Rob!

I rested on Tuesday. I think because the weather was horrible. I’m not a fair weather runner but if I can plan my runs around the weather then I certainly will.

Because I had rested and the wind was slightly less windy I decided a 3 x 9 minutes was in order. It has always been my aim to get the 9 minute sections back to sub 7 pace and thus far I haven’t even been close to managing it but hallelujah, this time I managed it. Well sort of. I got thoroughly drenched, flayed and frozen by an unexpected hailstorm in the warm up, thus rendering it useless. The first 9 minute section was at least half into the hailstorm with its attendant strong ends so there was no hope of it being sub 7. However the next two were more promising. I didn’t look at my pace at the time but hoped I might have sneaked it, especially on the last one which felt the best after I’d thawed out somewhat and the shards of ice embedded in my quads had melted. Success! 7mm average for the second 9 minutes and 6.56 for the last. Thank the actual Lord.

Wearing a Father Christmas hat to vibe = sweat waterfall into the eyeballs. Merry Christmas one and all!

Christmas vibers

I hadn’t done any hills for a while (that I could remember) and it was reasonably windy so off I set on Thursday morning. Singing along to Eminem out loud whilst crossing King George VI is dangerous. I’m sure a lot of drivers thought I was shouting obscenities at them (which I actually wasn’t on this occasion). Nothing of note to report. 8.5 miles covered.

In the evening there were only 5 people at bodypump. All the better to prepare us for the 54000000000 there will be in January.

I rested on Friday.

The wind was finally fairly acceptable for a proper go at prom parkrun. After the moderate annoyance of not-quite sub 22 at Hove Park the week before it was time. Luckily I didn’t hear the midway time shout and was wearing no watch so had no idea how I was doing. I could see Rob a little way ahead but as he’s injured I didn’t really know what this meant time-wise. I could also see that I was first woman so hoped, at least, to remain so.

Must work on looking like I’m actually moving whilst running

I overtook Dave who was running with his son in a buggy but he re-caught me at the final turn ready, I hoped, to help pace me home. This he did. Rob also waited for me so I had a small pace team for the last 300 metres or so. This was very helpful as no doubt I wouldn’t have pushed as much on my own. It was also helpful that they both had watches so could inform me I had run 21.35. Best 5k all year and just over 70% AG. Thank goodness I’m finally getting somewhere. Still a way to go but promising.

This morning I went out for an easy 5 to get to my minimum of 30 miles for a week. Next week is looking good weather wise so hopefully some good festive running can be done.

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Getting the bah humbugs in early.

Went full Eminem on Monday but doing 8 mile(s) at track. Got there early as went with Bob and it was induction night. This meant I ran over three miles before the official warmup up even began. The session itself was 6 x 1k split into tempo/fast starting with 900, 100 down to 400, 600 with 1 minute recoveries. I felt quite slow on tired legs but not enough to render the session pointless.

On Tuesday I did a nice easy run in the morning, making the most of a not-too-windy day. In the evening it was a simple Tom prom session of 6 x 1 mile. The first session for probably coming up for a year where my average pace on Strava started with a 6! Thank you 6.59. A psychological boost if nothing else. Luckily the wind was the opposite way to usual so the last stretch was wind behind which made a pleasant change.

Because it was windy and I felt like it was time for a rest I only went to vibe on Wednesday and took it easy (a feat I’ve never managed before). So it was more like a cross training/recovery session which is what it was always supposed to be but I’d never cracked it.

Same again on Thursday except it’s not possible to take bodypump easy. James was covering too which meant there were some shoulder exercises that we never normally do that necessitate the use of the lightest weights ever even for the people who usually don’t drop below greens. In fact my shoulders didn’t even move in the way required even without weights.

Once again I made the most of the complete lack of wind on Friday to get a longish run in. I can’t remember the last time it was that unwindy. It was utterly freezing but that’s good as it meant I could wear my gilet which has good phone pockets so I don’t need to chafe my bosom by putting phone on bra as usual. Yet again I chose to listen to a too-short podcast which finished around 15 minutes from home. A pleasant run though.

It was the Arena AG parkrun in Hove Park on Saturday which, naturally, meant the weather was horrible. Freezing, sleeting, windy as hades (but nowhere near as warm). I decided to keep with the 22 pacer as he came past after I’d lost Rick somewhere around 3k. I finished well ahead of him but my time was 22.03. Dammit! I needed the psychological boost of 21.59. However I was still quite pleased as I really felt I was going very slowly indeed but this is my fastest for ages and felt a lot easier than the 22.09 I did on the prom a week or so ago in much better conditions.

The majority of the Arena contingent (thanks Marc for the photo)

And that was that. 32 miles for the week and Sunday off.

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My legs were somewhat ruined after the parkrun test run so I remained sensible (one of my great strengths) and didn’t run on Monday morning. Obviously I wasn’t going to miss track so the sensibleness ended at 6.30pm. It was a Steve session which means we get to see the session as soon as we arrive as he prints it on cards and displays it where we congregate. This is also good as it means you don’t have to remember the session as it’s there to see every time you pass the finish line. Anyway it wasn’t a complicated session. More complicated to write than run. Ready? 2 x (200t, 100f; 400t, 200f; 600t, 300f; 800t, 400f) 60s recovery. I worked hard but did conk out a bit on the longer reps.

I made the most of a non-windy Tuesday by going out for an easy 7 in the morning. Kept a good slow recovery pace. Easy to do when it isn’t blowing a gale. In the evening it was one of Tom’s most horrible prom sessions ie the ones I need to do most. This was the 4 x 2500. Arg! Also it had got a lot windier than the morning. Yuck. Amazingly I felt fast and strong and wasn’t too far behind Tom. He even told me I was running well. This was very pleasing and only slightly tempered when I saw my pace on Strava later. But it’s effort that counts so hooray for me!

I did nothing on Wednesday until vibe time. Oh dear God! My spin legs were still utterly destroyed from the spin v vibe marathon. Plus parkrun test run and two hard interval sessions. I had to keep the bike on a low gear because I couldn’t even turn the pedals such was my lack of thigh. It was possibly good in a recovery type way and I love the class anyway so all in all I don’t think it did me any harm.

Thursday morning was the second outing of Paul’s Ping Pong. He plumped for doubles this time. This turned out to be a great idea. I immediately partnered with the previous events’ best player as I’m one of the worst. Thus we won all our matches.

Sarah and I. Undisputed doubles champions

Then I partnered with Robin, who is as bad as me and lo! we won a match! It was mainly because Paul lost his mind after he and Rob both stood there watching as the ball passed them both by. Then he shouted NET for absolutely no reason as my serve sailed miles over the net as always. This caused all four of us to weep with laughter and have to have a little moment, heads on table, to try and compose ourselves and fail. This was an excellent morning. I can’t remember the last time I laughed like that.

In the evening I went to pump and discovered my legs were still utterly destroyed. Rick asked if I’d upped my squat weights as I was really struggling. I hadn’t. It was my favourite chest track which meant I did press ups and bench presses like a maniac (I realised this in the following days when I had massive pec/shoulder/chest DOMS).

I fully rested on Friday.

On Saturday I went to prom for parkrun as I knew I had the Santa dash to do afterwards so thought I might as well double the hell of running in a freezing hurricane.

Hurricane run I

Hurricane run II (thanks Marc for the photos)


Today (Sunday) I couldn’t face hills or a long run so did the bare minimum to reach 30 miles for the week. It was still despicably windy. Thank goodness the weather looks better for the coming week. 31 miles for the week.

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I went running on Monday morning. Oh yes I did indeed. Then again in the evening. Which was track. This time was a new style of session. 9 x 600 with the bends tempo and the straights faster. It was utterly freezing. I was pleased with my running.

On Tuesday I wanted to do a long run but only made it to 8.5 miles. As the wind was the other way to usual it meant I could head eastwards to start with. A freezing headwind on the way out meant a pleasant return journey.

I had gone out on Tuesday as I’d seen the forecast was for very strong winds on Wednesday and Thursday so I scheduled those in as non running days. I did however do vibe on Wednesday evening and pump on Thursday as usual. No hurricane in The Circle studios.

On Friday I combined collecting mouse (computer not mammal) with running up hills.

Saturday was a break from the norm as I went to The Circle to do their 2 hour Spin v Vibe marathon. I managed about 1.5 hours before I hit the wall. My hands were so sore from gripping my sweat sodden towel on the handlebars for so long and my hips gave out.

Today (Sunday) I went to do the test run of East Brighton parkrun.

Somehow I packed in 35 running miles for the week.

Now I’m going to bed until 2019 (the year, not 8.19pm). Goodnight.

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