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Track was iced off on Monday so an unexpected, but probably for the best, day off.

On Tuesday I went out for what was supposed to be a long easy run but I discovered my dripping sinus has moved into the solid as concrete stage and my whole head was stuffed. This make breathing almost impossible so I aborted my run after 4 very slow miles.

By Wednesday I felt like I’d run a marathon (I’m guessing, having never actually run one) so didn’t even attempt to run. In the evening I went to vibe as that can be easily modified if necessary. I’m still pretty rubbish at clipping my feet in but am getting a little better and don’t injure myself any more. Bryan had some new disco lights and brought out an excellent sailor/Irish jig tune in place of the usual Greek plate smashing music.

I tried another little jog on Thursday. I thought the exercise might help dislodge the concrete but alas not. I did get slightly further, slightly faster, so progress. It was Rick’s last evening bodypump. Noooooooo!!! He is my absolute favourite. He does do a Thursday morning class I can do instead but it clashes with ping pong so I’ll only be able to do it every other week.

I was still feeling bunged up and groo on Friday so had another full rest day in the hope I’d be ok for parkrun.

I cycled over to Preston Park again. It’s my current favourite for windy days. Strangely this week I was stuck in crowds for a long time whereas the past few times I’ve been, miraculously, in the clear most of the way round. However this may have been a good thing as it meant I couldn’t got too fast at the beginning. Also I probably did well over 5k as I was weaving and going wide all over the place. I felt like I was running well, consistently fast throughout. In fact probably one of my top 10 best runs in terms of focus. My time of 21.27 is exactly what I’ve been running recently (except last week when I had serious sinus pain) so, given the crowding, not feeling 100% and the cold wind I should be pleased. I am pleased but slightly disappointed as I felt faster (somehow 21.27 looks a lot slower than 21.18 when written down). Anyway I haven’t lost anything after my snotty, quieter weeks so hopefully another jump up in pace is round the corner.

Today (Sunday) it was ridiculously windy (and freezing) so I took to the hills of Hangleton for some loops. Somehow the wind was coming from every direction and it was very cold. These runs are about getting out there so I just trundled along trying not to freeze to death or grind to a complete halt in the even windier sections. I threw in a faster last 600 metres or so purely because I was finally on the flat and not into a massive headwind.

A lowly 21 miles for the week but perfectly acceptable given the state of my sinuses.

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Devoid of titular inspiration.

Monday was track as usual but no Rick! What the! However Bob was back so it was a nice easily understandable session with proper recoveries. 5 x 1200 split into 100 jog, 400 fast, 100j, 300f, 100j, 200f, 2 minutes rest. I ended up running with Tristan. Well in the vicinity of him anyway (which could, I suppose, be said about anyone within the track). A pleasing session.

On Tuesday I threw in a longish run. I went a little fast in parts but nothing too untoward.

As Rick (The Circle Rick not Track Rick) is no longer doing Thursday evening pump I went to Lucie’s Wednesday morning class instead. I’ve been before so know she is a good instructor. Her class was full but fine. The trouble with this class is it means vibe in the evening is a struggle for my poor ravaged limbs. I still haven’t got the knack of clipping into the pedals but at least this time I managed not to smash a massive bruise into my buttock, so progress.

Thursday was ping pong day. Hooray! Paul and I had a slight problem when we arrived as we had no ball. After a few rounds of mime pong a ball was found and we were off!

Must learn to actually move, though must also learn not to pirouette/flick leg up etc

I actually won a game against Paul, before everyone else arrived (except Paul. Obviously). Then we played doubles and I have no idea of wins/losses.

I had meant to go to Tom prom on Thursday evening but a horrid cold I’d been brewing for a while finally made itself known and my sinus was too painful and my nostril too drippy to contemplate it. (The cold is firmly lodged only in the left sinus/nostril.)

I went out for an easy run on Friday to see if I could dislodge the sinus doom but no. Why must sinus pain be so, well, painful?

I cycled over to Preston Park on Saturday but it turned out the cold had infiltrated my whole being more than I could tell as it was only evident in my left sinus. Felt really weak and lightheaded so was reasonably pleased to finish in 22.18 as only a month or so ago that would have been my 100% best effort in perfect conditions. Also the weather was freezing, wet and windy so not a day for a good run.

This morning (Sunday) I went out for a gentle 6 miles but bumped into Rob after 2 miles so ended up doing 9 miles. I’ve moved into the solid snot stage now so I found it difficult to breathe but just about managed it.

34 miles for the week (of both running and free-flowing, left nostril only, snot).

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2019 – the year of unimproved maturity.

Thank goodness we’re back to normal now. I can’t abide Christmas time (mistletoe and whine). To ease myself back into a full training week I went out for an easy run on Monday morning. Found 20p. Hardly the glorious heights of a £10 note but it recouped my outlay on the scales at ping pong. In the evening it was back to track after the break. Due to a combination of factors it went terribly wrong. I don’t know what I did nor how many but I ran and stopped and continued to an overall distance of 7 miles. £2 well spent.

After this debacle I did nothing on Tuesday. Tom’s session was in Hove Park which meant I was able to take Tuesday as a full rest day. When his session is on the prom it is almost impossible to miss.

On Wednesday I was going to do a faster session but due to an annoyingly sore throat and mild cold I decided to just do an easier run. I felt horrid and full of rage so ended up doing a slightly progressive run, but still at a slow pace. In the evening it was off to vibe with new shoes! I got there extra early to check they were the right sort and that I could actually clip myself in/out of the pedals. Turns out my fears I’d be trapped on the bike forever were unfounded as in fact it was trying to get clipped IN that was impossible. Smashed a massive bruise into my hip but finally I was on!

Professional spinster

I definitely need to tweak the positioning of the cleats and Velcro my feet in better but I know they will greatly enhance my vibing. Not least because they look totally cool (ruined by my total uncoolness in not being able to mount the bike). It was disappointing to see so many empty bikes when the class was fully booked and only week two of January. However The Circle will make a good profit from all the fines from those who didn’t cancel. Someone was on my preferred bike so I moved one to the right and thus discovered myself in group one! Heavens above! Actually it was good as they are the whoopiest so my lack of whooping (my new shoes do the whooping for me) was less apparent.

On Thursday I still felt a bit sore throaty so didn’t bother running. I did go to pump in the evening though and discovered the terrible news that Rick won’t be doing that class anymore. Nooooooooo! He will be doing one on Thursday morning so I can still go but it’ll have to be every other week, alternating with ping pong. Bum.

As I didn’t run on Thursday I went out for a short trot on Friday morning. Annoyingly they have built a gate over the end if Shoreham arm. It was open but it had a metal bar across the bottom which is going to trip everyone up continuously. Jumping over it seems dangerous too as the metal-framed doorway is quite low. I think there will already be a sizeable pile of concussed and broken runners lying there. I assume it’s to stop fisherman (though I don’t know why they need to) but it’s ruddy irritating.

Saturday’s wind forecast looked precisely like the lies where it seems it won’t be that windy but is actually a hurricane so I cycled inland to Preston Park. It is very crowded there but now I’m slightly less slow I managed to find space after 800 metres or so. I feel this was one of my best runs ever in terms of concentration and focus. A strong, consistently paced, tempo effort. 21.20 with much less effort than the same times run recently (21.18 run on a windless prom felt much harder and included a faster finish). Let us pray that this improvement continues.

Today (Sunday) I went out for a long, slow, loopy, hilly run. I even went up King George VI twice.

38 miles for the week.

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Same level of total hilarity. Do not panic. I am fully clothed.

I saw out the old year by doing nothing.

New Year’s Day means two parkruns. The weather was actually acceptable for once. Not too cold or windy and dry. However everyone on the universe was at the prom. I hate crowds. I got a massive stitch almost immediately (maybe related to crowd anxiety, maybe not). Anyway this meant a regression run to the most spectacular degree.

Though having said that my finishing time of 22.47 was nowhere near as bad as I felt. Onwards to the next one! Even more crowded. Added to being hungry and cold from the wait. Felt a lot better during the run but only 21 seconds faster. I don’t know why I keep doing these. It always seems like a good idea until I get there. But two parkruns in the bag by 11am is as good a start to the year as any I suppose.

On Wednesday I went out for an easy run in the morning. In the evening it was back to vibe. Since I’ve been going the class has never had more than about 15 people but now every single bike was taken. 38! (Because this is a half an hour class everyone thinks it’ll be easy – ha!) I knew this would happen so made sure I got there even earlier than usual so I could get my favourite bike. The thing with a full class is it’s extra hot and sweaty. Let’s see how many there are next week. Strangely the 45 minute class afterwards was reasonably empty.

Thursday saw the return of ping pong. Hooray! More doubles matches, mix and match.

In the evening it was back to bodypump. It seems that New Years resolutioners don’t like this class as it was only a tiny bit fuller than usual. I moved to front and centre in an attempt to stop always going to the same place. Though obviously this will now be my always place. Though the light in the face may mean I’ll have to try a new place next week. At least people don’t keep stepping over me like they used to when I went to the side next to the barbell rack. Maybe I need to wear sunglasses? Wait! The lights have flaps on them so I’ll have to ask Rick if he can fold them up a bit. He’s totally gay so will be disgusted that I’ve even asked.

I didn’t do anything on Friday. Tired myself out with suddenly being faster than I have been for two years and all the extra festive runs/races.

On Saturday it was back to normal parkrun. As it wasn’t windy I went back to the prom. There were pacers from 19 to 30 minutes so another chance to try and stick with the 21 pacer. This one had a dog.

I don’t know why I hate him so much

I managed to stick with him until halfway (precisely 10.30) but then suddenly he was quite far ahead. Luckily the girl in pink, who I now see was just behind me all the way, overtook me in the home straight and dragged me along with her when I may have slipped further behind otherwise. 21.18, so another small improvement.

Rested again today, ready to get back into it properly tomorrow when life returns fully to normal thank the lord.

A measly 18 miles for the week but on purpose.

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