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Monday began the training week in the traditional style with track in the evening. After Steve gave us the unprecedented 2 minutes rest a few weeks ago the world has realigned itself and this time we were, once again, restricted to a mere 30 seconds “recovery” between our 7 sets of 900 metres (300 east, 300 tempo, 300 fast). Neither Tristan nor Rick were there so John and I had to battle on alone. Then he had to drop out. Then what happened? I can’t remember. I kept on running. I felt quite tired, which I put down to the week before being my first proper week back after three thwarted weeks.

On Tuesday I thought I’d better do one of Tom’s horrid options in the evening, I plumped for the continuous 6 mile. Luckily, as it was the half marathon the following Sunday, Sean was able to run slowly enough to help pace me. I wanted to do around 7.20 pace as that’s what the calculator said my current tempo pace should be.

Unintentional but pleasing progressive

I started off a bit slowly and thought I was doomed but turned out I wasn’t! Especially as there were two return sections into the wind, including the final mile and a half into an ever-increasing wind.

On Wednesday I tried a little run in the morning but I was destroyed from Tuesday (and probably Monday). Back to vibe in the evening having not been last week as Bryan was off so I took the opportunity to have a spin-free week. I do love it.

I went to Rick’s Thursday morning class for the first time as it’s a non ping pong week. My legs were ruined from, well, running, so I was pretty feeble in the squats. In the afternoon I had some electrical acupuncture to try and cure my typist’s neck.

On Friday I tried to do a long run (well my current long of about 9 miles). I started off ok. Slow but ok, but once I got to the halfway point and turned out of the wind and downhill I ground to a halt. I can only remember maybe one or two previous occasions where I’ve been so utterly exhausted. In retrospect perhaps the acupuncture unleashed some lurking hell in my sinuses (even though the needles were in my shoulders and upper back). Obviously Tom’s session and track and vibe and bodypump will have played their part and the fact I usually have Friday as a rest day but I didn’t as I knew Sunday would be a rest day.

The wind was the right way for prom parkrun so I dragged myself there even though I knew I’d only be able to run as the speed of a sea snail. A nice day to spend not really proceeding along the prom. No photo of me running but I would have looked much like this anyway

Today (Sunday) I marshalled at the Brighton Half. Excellent conditions for both running and marshalling. Always look both ways (thanks Marc for the stealthography)

Arena volunteer crew (Danny on photo duty)

Just about managed 30 miles for the week.

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After various ailments I was looking forward to getting back to a proper week of training. I started sensibly by waiting for track in the evening. The session was a bit different, well it was normal insofar as it contained various speeds and distances of running. It was (2 x) 1200 easy, 4 x 300 fast, 2 x 600 tempo. 30 seconds between reps and 2 minutes between sets. Rick wasn’t there which meant Tristan was which meant I pretended to be running with him as he got further and further away. All in all I think it was a good session. It was so long ago I’ve forgotten and I didn’t write anything useful down as just writing the session down used up all my energy.

On Tuesday I discovered my right hamstring/buttock was really tight again. Weird as this used to be a left side ailment. I dragged it out for 8.5 miles. That showed it!

Pump on Wednesday seemed to help it. Rick was covering which is excellent as I’ll only be able to go to one of his classes every other week now that he’s given up his Thursday evening class. I went out on Wednesday afternoon for a short recovery run. I can’t remember the last time I ran in the afternoon. Possibly never. It was weird and wrong and I don’t think I like it.

Valentines ping pong! What better way to celebrate my spinsterhood than playing ping pong with a load of married people.

In the evening I decided to go to Tom’s session as I haven’t been for ages as I’ve had bodypump. Turns out trying to do mile reps on the Thursday evening of a hard week back after three weeks of not so much is hard. I managed three but they were quite slow. Consistently so at least.

I rested on Friday.

On Saturday it was the first Arena parkrun series run. It was at Preston Park which has been my recent parkrun of choice. Of course, now it was an official “race” it was going to go terribly. Thus it did. There was a lot of tripping up and angry people and I couldn’t get into a rhythm. Taking into account how much I slowed down throughout I was surprised with my time as it was only about a minute and a half slower than my recent bests. I wasn’t too distraught though as I knew it would happen and I’ve been doing well in concentration for a few months so having a bad day is ok as I know it’s a one off and not a trend.

No team photo to steal so here’s an artist’s impression of Arenas in action

Today (Sunday) I rounded off the week with a slow drag around the shortest hilloop of Hangleton.

About 35 miles for the week and glad to be back on the wagon.

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A good start to the week with track on Monday evening. It took a while for my legs to resurrect after Chichester 10k fridgefest. Steve had obviously gone mad as he had set a normal session with 2 WHOLE MINUTES recovery. (5 x ) 400t, 200f, 400t, 200f. Even when my legs weren’t fully over Chichester I still felt strong and speedy (relatively). About halfway through my legs came back to life so I was able to run faster, until they went out of the other side and died again. Luckily there was just enough left in them to tide me over to the end of the session without losing form.

On Tuesday I was fully destroyed so went out for an easy jog.

Wednesday was a double Circle day as Rick was covering Lucie’s morning class so I had to get in there. My legs were somewhat tired from Sunday and Monday. Evening was the usual express vibe. Unfortunately, somewhere in the interim I was struck down by a horrible cold. This meant spin was an utter snotfest. How can some colds not be there then the next second they are fully there? I suppose at least there’s no drawn out warning.

I was then fully deceased for three whole days. So much snot. So many packets of tissues used. So much sinus pain. So much annoyance as I’d only just got over my last cold and now I’ve had three disrupted weeks. Small upside insofar as it makes this blog much shorter! The sinus pain reached a crescendo on Saturday so I couldn’t even contemplate parkrun. However, as the cold started so abruptly, it ceased abruptly. Well not that abruptly as it’s still here now, but there was a brief reprieve on Sunday morning where I felt much better so slotted in an easy treadmill run as I had a MoveGB £1 credit to use. I am now back to full on snotting, although I actually feel a lot better, which is rather annoying as I thought I was over the hump.

A minimal 17.5 miles for the week but as I had three full days off that’s not surprising. Probably a good week to have a cold as it was very windy and wet. Next week looks much better weather-wise so hopefully I shall also be much better so I can make the most of it.

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Surprisingly track wasn’t iced off this week which was good but also bad because I’d already written it off. Though not completely as I hadn’t done anything earlier in the day. Anyway I’m glad I went. It was utterly freezing but the track surface was fine, though one corner was distinctly colder than all the others. The session was 5 x 1200 with each rep split into 300 easy, 100f, 200e, 200f, 100e, 300 fast (1minute recovery). I can’t really say much more other than that it was good and I felt strong and controlled throughout.

I rested on Tuesday (nobody took me for a drink).

After the massive snowstorms of Tuesday evening it was almost impossible to get to pump on Wednesday morning but I powered through the treacherous 350 metres wearing nothing but my pump clothes with a flasher mac over the top.

Snowmaggedon!!! (Seagull poo to prove I live by the sea [and never wash my windows])

In the evening, once the treachery had diminished to complete invisibility, I set out once again for vibe. This time clutching my spin shoes in addition to the flasher mac.

Thursday was ping pong time again!

Ping pong pirouette

I rested again on Friday.

This meant I was utterly useless at running on Saturday. Also it was utterly freezing. Dragged myself round Preston Park. I had to get that out of the way so that it wouldn’t be the first half of Chichester 10k.

Which was this morning (Sunday). It was SO COLD when Dan and I arrived at 7.45am. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt it that cold without it being windy. I seriously worried for my nose as we started out on a warm up lap of the racing circuit. I wanted to make sure I didn’t end up right at the back at the start like I did when I last did this race but this meant I started a bit too far forward. Three seconds from the start line.

What happens when you start in the elite pen by mistake

I was trundling along at what felt like tempo effort and then DISASTER! A man was shouting out halfway times but they were COMPLETE NONSENSE. I was wearing a watch so could have checked but no, I just believed him even though it would have been ridiculous if true. Basically 2 minutes slower than I’d hoped. Anyway I almost gave up there and then but persevered. Because I’d started too far forward I was being overtaken quite a bit but I tried to remember that was the reason and it wasn’t that I was slowly grinding to a halt. Luckily Michael Miller caught me up with maybe 500 metres to go and told me I mustn’t let him get ahead. This was the perfect kick up the bum I needed and I managed to pick it up significantly. A man shouting to another woman near me helped too as he said if she kept on at this rate she’d be well under 45 minutes. After the halfway man’s nonsense shout of 23.34 I was very pleased to discover this as I was fully expecting 48 minutes or so (even though I felt I was doing ok). I finally crossed the line in 44.14 so a (many) season’s best. Seeing as I’ve only just got below 22 minutes at parkrun and felt totally unprepared for such a “long” race, along with the absolutely freezing air temperature, I was quite pleased with this.

A lowly 16 ish miles for the week but a promising finish.

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