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After my first double figure run for ages I decided to do an easy run on Monday morning to loosen my legs off ready for track. Instead I contracted the plague. I felt so sick when I got home. Perfect timing too as I’m having a new kitchen fitted so there was all kinds of banging going on and men trooping up and down the stairs and it was freezing as they had the front door open. No track session for me.

I did nothing and could eat nothing until Wednesday evening when I felt a little better so went and did a very gentle vibe.

On Thursday I did 8 miles and felt ok.

My new long run shoes arrived on Friday so I took them out for a test run. Unfortunately the lack of eating and general illness caught up with me again. I need to remember that just because it’s possible to run, it doesn’t mean I should run and feeling better (than death) doesn’t mean being well. Not a very good test of the shoes and a silly thing to do when I should have been trying to catch up on eating.

Even the shoes couldn’t save me from the ill

Tom had kindly offered (or rather Sarah had kindly offered Tom) to give me a lift to Worthing parkrun as it was finally wind free(ish). I knew I wouldn’t be much good as still pretty feeble and lacking in fuel. I wanted to give it a go though. I managed to put in consistent effort throughout but was very slow. I did however get to jog to and from with Tom and Sarah, whilst wearing a rucksack, so now know exactly what it’s like to be an ultra runner (1 mile each way, wearing a fleece). If anyone saw us they may I have thought I was 20 miles into a hundred miler. Then they’d realise anything over 8 miles seems like a ultra to me currently.

Today (Sunday) I wanted to see if it was possible to move faster than a snail. It was, but only just. At least I can eat again now (plain and preparable without the use of a kitchen) so hopefully I’ll be able to get back to it properly next week.

Somehow I managed 30 miles for the week?


Posted 24/03/2019 by Isobel Muir in Running

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