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I knew I’d be weak and feeble and not very good but felt that I could go back to running and just take it gently. The perfect introduction: a track session. 3 x (300e, 300t x 3) + 500e, 500t. 90s recovery. I ended up totally last. Not unexpected.

Due to my non-speediness on Monday I was able to do an acceptable 9 mile run on Tuesday.

As I was feeling a bit better and hadn’t been for 3 weeks I decided to go to BODYPUMP™️ on Wednesday morning but drop right down to my starter weights.

The green weights ended up being just for effect

Everything was fine I just felt weak. Because I am. Currently. In the evening I went back for vibe. It turned out to be Bryan’s birthday so we all got a Percy Pig on entry. Once again, gentle was the name of the game.

It was a ping pong Thursday with all the attendant hilarity. I managed to smash the ball into Sarah’s forehead. It left a red mark. Oh dear. There was a game of Round Robin as a change of scene but it made me feel really sea sick so I had to bail out. I took on filming duties instead.

In the evening I went to Tom’s session which was a manageable 8 x 600 metres. Following in Monday’s footsteps I was totally last on each rep but I managed to keep in the vicinity of Kev and Dave so it wasn’t too bad and I sped up (minutely) on each rep so kept them all sensible.

I rested fully on Friday.

On Saturday I was supposed to be going to Hove Park for parkrun but the weather was perfect for the prom and I forgot how much I dislike Hove Park so I defected to the prom. The weather was indeed nice. Warm and not too windy. Alas I had a stitch of doom so was useless. Nice weather for tea drinking though.

A few steps in and all was well…

Today (Sunday) I wanted to do a long run but it turned out I still had the stitch coupled with general feebleness and a freezing, strong, northerly wind. Hopefully soon I can get back to proper eating and can catch up on the weeks of minimal eating and become rotund and full of energy and great speeds.

Still managed 30 miles somehow.


Posted 31/03/2019 by Isobel Muir in Running

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