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As it was Easter bank holiday Monday there was no evening track session. The weather forecast was excellent however. As Rob is now a sprinter he was going to track in the morning for some specialised coaching so I thought I could get my session done first then watch him trashing his way through the myriad drills and warm up of a sprinter (I used to be in this very sprint group approximately 16 years ago). Thus I arrived at a freezing, windy, mist-enshrouded track at 9.30am. I had decided that I wanted to do a short session based on my target mile pace of 5.59. This meant I should complete 400 metres in 90s. 85, 86, 87, 86, 86. Surprised myself! It was precisely the correct level of difficulty. Go me! I then watched Rob for a mere 2.5 hours as he went through the interminable sprint warm up process. Thankfully the weather was excellent by now so it was great to sit in the sun, my session finished, and watch someone else in action.

Keep off the grass

On Tuesday I meant to do a long run but these days I’m terrible at actually doing anything long. 7 miles in a mildly and unintentional progression.

Wednesday was the first of the Preston Park Magic Mile series. Alas the weather was terrible after the spoils of Monday. Freezing and thrashing rain. Much of the route was like a river. However I was still pleased with my run considering. Also it gave me an official time to work from. 6.30 official time. 6.18 GPS mile. Much better than I envisaged. Onwards! Just before entering the river for the first time

As I had missed vibe on Wednesday evening I decided to go for the full 45 minute version on Thursday morning. Which I did, then immediately cycled over to table tennis. Paul laughed until he cried. Again. He loves it. As do I.

I then rested for two whole days. Saturday was because it was stupidly windy. I had planned to sneak in parkrun before my mother came to visit but it would have been totally pointless as we discovered when we tried to walk a few hundred metres to find somewhere for lunch. Boundary Road wind tunnel.

This morning (Sunday) I tried to up my mile pace training by too much at once, by increasing 100% to attempt 3 minutes at 6mm pace. Failed. I managed two but had to cut the last two down to 2 minutes. I thought this might be the case but thought I should try something and maybe fail rather than do something I know I could have completed. I tried hard not to keep reminding myself of the days when I could do 13 minutes at that pace. Double fail.

A paltry 16 miles for the week but I was pleased with my sessions and intend to do higher mileage in the coming week as the forecast is a lot less windy.


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Once again the week started on Monday with track. A simple session of 8 x 800 with 1 minute recovery. Each rep was 500 tempo followed by 300 fast. A good session where I ran with Tristan. Well “with” might be a bit optimistic but he was within the vicinity.

On Tuesday I wanted to do a long run but only managed 7 miles due to general decrepitude.

Thus I didn’t do anything until vibe on Wednesday evening. I took it nice and easy … until the last track where I accidentally went mad and undid all my good work. Oops.

I compounded this by going to Rick’s pump class, which I haven’t been to for ages. I stuck to my new plan of going lighter for squats. This meant I did them much more properly (is that an acceptable sentence?) and they were utterly ruined. I loved it.

The weather was nice and hot and sunny on Friday so I took my ravaged quads out for a bit of a(n attempted) loosener. Arg! My legs haven’t been so ruined since I became pump years ago. Goes to show the value of an excellent teacher.

Mark had offered me a lift to Littlehampton for parkrun on Saturday. It is an excellent location for a parkrun, except it being so exposed that the northerly wind had nothing to stop it flaying us to death in both directions. Thankfully it wasn’t too freezing. I felt I ran well even though my time was slow. A combination of bi-directional headwind, absolutely mullered quads and the course being longer than my usuals. I returned to Hove and immediately felt like going running so off I set again into another hot, sunny day.

Today (Sunday) I rested as I hadn’t for about 11 days. Tsk.

Somehow still managed a just about acceptable 26 miles.

I know this is rather short and uninteresting but I’m feeling fine and looking forward to getting back to it tomorrow.

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Finally, after weeks of sickness then a migraine, I felt better and ready to get some proper training under my belt. Propitiously track was a session perfectly tailored to me. (5x) 500f, 100j, 400f, 100j, 300f, 2 minutes. It was the best track session I’ve done for years and I felt like my old (2013) self again. Not as fast of course but I felt PROPER for the first time in many many years. A great start to the week.

On Tuesday I just did BODYPUMP™️. I’ve discovered the secret is to do squats with a lighter weight than you would naturally choose. They are still hard (because legs already knackered from running) but it means you can carry on running the day after whereas before they would be too destroyed to be able to do anything worthwhile for days.

I proved this by doing a hard treadmill session on Wednesday morning. What I am lacking most, other than speed endurance, is the strength of mind to keep pushing even when I think I can’t so that was what this session was for. 3 x 9 minutes at 6.45(ish) mile pace. It was just the right amount of hard. Possibly the first time I got my £7.20 worth.

In the evening I went to vibe. As I didn’t go the week before I went overboard with Bryan-love and destroyed myself but it was so worth it.

Thursday morning was the relaxing and splendid ping pong time.

Ping and indeed pong

In the evening I went to Tom’s prom session. It was 8 x 500. As I’d done a lot of proper stuff already earlier in the week I took it steady and just ran my future target 5k pace (back to sub 20 one day I hope). Kept it consistent over the reps and didn’t kill myself.

I rested on Friday.

On Saturday I wanted to try and do 21.30 at prom parkrun and hoped there would be someone pacing. Lo! I arrived to find TJ in the 22 pacer bib. Perfect! I planned to run with him to halfway then try to push on in the second half. Double perfection! Tristan “natural ultra runner” Sharp was there too and was happy to help me in the second half. I am pleased to report that it was a success! 21.27. Next stop 20.59.

Today (Sunday) was the BM10k. Let us never speak of it again.

Thanks Marc for making it look like I ran

25 miles for the week but a lot of good sessions. I think next week will be higher volume but lower intensity.

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On Monday. As usual. Steve had gone all imaginative with his session today.

Mind bending in the extreme

Basically we ran 400f, 400j continuously for 30 minutes. All my “fast” 400s were around 95 seconds. Not fast, but consistent so a success.

I went to BODYPUMP™️ on Tuesday. It was half term so was rammed. It was also a new release and everything nowadays has to contain everything so it had too much cardio. I just want pure strength like it used to be.

On Wednesday I went to #runantalk but it was just me and Brigitte. This was fine for me but poor Brigitte had full, undiluted Isoblabber for half an hour. Lucky her!

Thursday was ruined by a full on migraine. Absolute hell. Friday was also wiped out with recovery.

Thankfully I was alive enough to go to Christ’s Hospital Relays on Saturday and the two days of no running probably did my legs good. The course had changed for this year and was fully contained within the grounds. I really liked the new course and felt I ran well. Started sensibly, consistent pace throughout. I was in the over 40 C team on first leg so was pleased to get my bit out of the way first. Unfortunately the weather was horribly cold and windy so I couldn’t stay to watch the men’s races.

Today (Sunday) I went out for a long run with Rob. A pleasant way to round off the week. A slightly reduced mileage week due to the illness but in general things are ticking along nicely.

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