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On Monday. As usual. Steve had gone all imaginative with his session today.

Mind bending in the extreme

Basically we ran 400f, 400j continuously for 30 minutes. All my “fast” 400s were around 95 seconds. Not fast, but consistent so a success.

I went to BODYPUMP™️ on Tuesday. It was half term so was rammed. It was also a new release and everything nowadays has to contain everything so it had too much cardio. I just want pure strength like it used to be.

On Wednesday I went to #runantalk but it was just me and Brigitte. This was fine for me but poor Brigitte had full, undiluted Isoblabber for half an hour. Lucky her!

Thursday was ruined by a full on migraine. Absolute hell. Friday was also wiped out with recovery.

Thankfully I was alive enough to go to Christ’s Hospital Relays on Saturday and the two days of no running probably did my legs good. The course had changed for this year and was fully contained within the grounds. I really liked the new course and felt I ran well. Started sensibly, consistent pace throughout. I was in the over 40 C team on first leg so was pleased to get my bit out of the way first. Unfortunately the weather was horribly cold and windy so I couldn’t stay to watch the men’s races.

Today (Sunday) I went out for a long run with Rob. A pleasant way to round off the week. A slightly reduced mileage week due to the illness but in general things are ticking along nicely.


Posted 07/04/2019 by Isobel Muir in Running

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