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Finally, after weeks of sickness then a migraine, I felt better and ready to get some proper training under my belt. Propitiously track was a session perfectly tailored to me. (5x) 500f, 100j, 400f, 100j, 300f, 2 minutes. It was the best track session I’ve done for years and I felt like my old (2013) self again. Not as fast of course but I felt PROPER for the first time in many many years. A great start to the week.

On Tuesday I just did BODYPUMP™️. I’ve discovered the secret is to do squats with a lighter weight than you would naturally choose. They are still hard (because legs already knackered from running) but it means you can carry on running the day after whereas before they would be too destroyed to be able to do anything worthwhile for days.

I proved this by doing a hard treadmill session on Wednesday morning. What I am lacking most, other than speed endurance, is the strength of mind to keep pushing even when I think I can’t so that was what this session was for. 3 x 9 minutes at 6.45(ish) mile pace. It was just the right amount of hard. Possibly the first time I got my £7.20 worth.

In the evening I went to vibe. As I didn’t go the week before I went overboard with Bryan-love and destroyed myself but it was so worth it.

Thursday morning was the relaxing and splendid ping pong time.

Ping and indeed pong

In the evening I went to Tom’s prom session. It was 8 x 500. As I’d done a lot of proper stuff already earlier in the week I took it steady and just ran my future target 5k pace (back to sub 20 one day I hope). Kept it consistent over the reps and didn’t kill myself.

I rested on Friday.

On Saturday I wanted to try and do 21.30 at prom parkrun and hoped there would be someone pacing. Lo! I arrived to find TJ in the 22 pacer bib. Perfect! I planned to run with him to halfway then try to push on in the second half. Double perfection! Tristan “natural ultra runner” Sharp was there too and was happy to help me in the second half. I am pleased to report that it was a success! 21.27. Next stop 20.59.

Today (Sunday) was the BM10k. Let us never speak of it again.

Thanks Marc for making it look like I ran

25 miles for the week but a lot of good sessions. I think next week will be higher volume but lower intensity.


Posted 14/04/2019 by Isobel Muir in Running

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