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Once again the week started on Monday with track. A simple session of 8 x 800 with 1 minute recovery. Each rep was 500 tempo followed by 300 fast. A good session where I ran with Tristan. Well “with” might be a bit optimistic but he was within the vicinity.

On Tuesday I wanted to do a long run but only managed 7 miles due to general decrepitude.

Thus I didn’t do anything until vibe on Wednesday evening. I took it nice and easy … until the last track where I accidentally went mad and undid all my good work. Oops.

I compounded this by going to Rick’s pump class, which I haven’t been to for ages. I stuck to my new plan of going lighter for squats. This meant I did them much more properly (is that an acceptable sentence?) and they were utterly ruined. I loved it.

The weather was nice and hot and sunny on Friday so I took my ravaged quads out for a bit of a(n attempted) loosener. Arg! My legs haven’t been so ruined since I became pump years ago. Goes to show the value of an excellent teacher.

Mark had offered me a lift to Littlehampton for parkrun on Saturday. It is an excellent location for a parkrun, except it being so exposed that the northerly wind had nothing to stop it flaying us to death in both directions. Thankfully it wasn’t too freezing. I felt I ran well even though my time was slow. A combination of bi-directional headwind, absolutely mullered quads and the course being longer than my usuals. I returned to Hove and immediately felt like going running so off I set again into another hot, sunny day.

Today (Sunday) I rested as I hadn’t for about 11 days. Tsk.

Somehow still managed a just about acceptable 26 miles.

I know this is rather short and uninteresting but I’m feeling fine and looking forward to getting back to it tomorrow.

Posted 21/04/2019 by Isobel Muir in Running

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