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As it was Easter bank holiday Monday there was no evening track session. The weather forecast was excellent however. As Rob is now a sprinter he was going to track in the morning for some specialised coaching so I thought I could get my session done first then watch him trashing his way through the myriad drills and warm up of a sprinter (I used to be in this very sprint group approximately 16 years ago). Thus I arrived at a freezing, windy, mist-enshrouded track at 9.30am. I had decided that I wanted to do a short session based on my target mile pace of 5.59. This meant I should complete 400 metres in 90s. 85, 86, 87, 86, 86. Surprised myself! It was precisely the correct level of difficulty. Go me! I then watched Rob for a mere 2.5 hours as he went through the interminable sprint warm up process. Thankfully the weather was excellent by now so it was great to sit in the sun, my session finished, and watch someone else in action.

Keep off the grass

On Tuesday I meant to do a long run but these days I’m terrible at actually doing anything long. 7 miles in a mildly and unintentional progression.

Wednesday was the first of the Preston Park Magic Mile series. Alas the weather was terrible after the spoils of Monday. Freezing and thrashing rain. Much of the route was like a river. However I was still pleased with my run considering. Also it gave me an official time to work from. 6.30 official time. 6.18 GPS mile. Much better than I envisaged. Onwards! Just before entering the river for the first time

As I had missed vibe on Wednesday evening I decided to go for the full 45 minute version on Thursday morning. Which I did, then immediately cycled over to table tennis. Paul laughed until he cried. Again. He loves it. As do I.

I then rested for two whole days. Saturday was because it was stupidly windy. I had planned to sneak in parkrun before my mother came to visit but it would have been totally pointless as we discovered when we tried to walk a few hundred metres to find somewhere for lunch. Boundary Road wind tunnel.

This morning (Sunday) I tried to up my mile pace training by too much at once, by increasing 100% to attempt 3 minutes at 6mm pace. Failed. I managed two but had to cut the last two down to 2 minutes. I thought this might be the case but thought I should try something and maybe fail rather than do something I know I could have completed. I tried hard not to keep reminding myself of the days when I could do 13 minutes at that pace. Double fail.

A paltry 16 miles for the week but I was pleased with my sessions and intend to do higher mileage in the coming week as the forecast is a lot less windy.

Posted 28/04/2019 by Isobel Muir in Running

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